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Jerry J Paresa

A retired CEO and author, Mr. Paresa was adopted in Turkey, grew up in Hawaii and now resides on West Coast. He studied at the University of California, Riverside, was a seminarian for his diocese and has served as a catechist in his parish. These experiences have given him insight into organizational culture, in general, and the Catholic Church specifically.


The Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal

Religion & Spirituality

Thoughtfully examines the Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal and its impacts using the paradigm of a "wicked problem," in order to truthfully demonstrate its complexities and causal factors. Only by understanding the phenomenon accurately can Catholics and Church leaders understand reform as both interior conversion and needed and concrete change.

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Mitigation alone does not solve the problem

All prudent organizations respond to the duty of mitigating systemic problems. But mitigation, important as it might be, most often only addresses symptoms. Only by digging into root causes can organizations candidly face the difficult truth, which lays bare the cultural and psycho-social factors in play. Until then, the Church will be hindered in Her divine mission and Her credibility will remain impaired. I welcome the reader to embark with me on this journey of candid diagnosis, dissecting the problem in the cause of greater understanding for both Church leaders and faithful Catholics.

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