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Jamshed   Akhtar

Jamshed Akhtar (born 1947) is a writer and researcher from India. A graduate in Electrical Engineering, he is involved in the scientific study of religion for past several decades and has outlined his research through three books. His first ‘The Ultimate Revelations, a science fiction, outlines the possibility of coded information in Quran. His later two books use epistemological analysis to present hundreds of evidences from the original text of Quran, to support non-human origin of the phenomenon of revelations. He claims that through revelations, a certain category of knowledge has been revealed to humanity, which humanity needs for its survival but cannot get on its own. However, such knowledge can remain concealed from humanity, unless a serious scientific effort is done to comprehend it. To do it, Akhtar has initiated ‘Project Infinite Peace’, a collective scientific investigation of this information, through a panel of linguists, scientists and science historians. Akhtar believes that in the present scenario of rising chaos, a genuine scientific investigation of revelations may reduce confrontational politics and help rational opinions to take charge. Apart from his interest in science and religion, he is also involved in social and educational causes with various organizations in India.


The Ultimate Revelations

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Concurrent with a freak solar activity, a young scientist begins seeing strange and puzzling dreams of momentous events from the past. He sees an occurrence in the formation of solar system, a day in the Cretaceous period, Prophet Noah's boat being constructed, Buddha giving a sermon to a large multitude, Moses climbing the mountain to keep tryst with the mysterious fire, and child Mary's guardianship being decided in the temple. The mystic night visions end with an episode in Muhammed’s life, leave the young man perturbed and intrigued, and prod him to study and collect data on metaphysical aspect of life. Meanwhile, falling temperatures all over the world, herald the onset of an ice age. The planet in its fight for survival, tries to distribute the heat stored in oceans all over the land. Tornadoes, squalls and high velocity winds sweep the planet and add to the misery of the humanity already suffering from the energy crunch. At this crucial juncture, the young scientist gets an inspiration and presents before the world, a hypothesis about a Grand Cosmic Design... The Design is aesthetically beautiful, breathtakingly simple, and awesome in its expanse, yet the most remarkable thing about it is its promise of the expected arrival of a ‘Message from stars’ that has all the knowledge of Cosmos hidden in it…

Book Bubbles from The Ultimate Revelations

Meeting 'The Exalted One'

The river Ghaghra flows not very far from our home. In the rainy season, my father regularly took us all to its banks to watch the interplay of colors in the sky, and to give unbridled reign to our imagination with respect to fast changing shapes in the clouds. The wizened face of our favorite boatman Dhaniram, and his stories of the river in all its moods, intrigued and fascinated us all without end. Later, after doing my engineering, and passing some time at a design job, I got bored with the dreary job, and tried my hand at the timber trade, by purchasing a plot of forest in the foothills of Nepal. The business gave me a big loss, but the time I passed in the jungle, became a treasured memory of all time. The jungle had a different face to offer at all times of day and night. It was a visual and aural treat, and provided the background of the dream where Hamza meets the ‘The Enlightened One’.

A walk with Prophet Moses

Dreams of Hamza play an important role in the narrative, and I will credit the inspiration to two of my favorite authors, Arthur C Clarke and Daphne Du Maurier. In ‘Childhood’s End’, Clarke had shown the reach of an evolving mind through dreams of strange landscapes of distant stars; whereas in ‘The House on the Strand’, Daphne Du Maurier had narrated a brooding mystery of Medieval Cornwall through the time-transfer of a man for short duration, under the influence of a drug. The dream, where Hamza follows the Prophet Moses up a hill, is one of the strangest episodes in the entire history of revelations. All Judaeo-Christian and Islamic sources, agree that the encounter with the burning bush was a personal physical communication with a Power that is guiding our destiny. For me, it was too awesome an event to describe, and I did not want Hamza to be present at the meeting. My intention was just to capture the environment to show the reality of it all. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Google earth view or even the Internet was not available to give me an idea of the terrain. So I just read whatever I could, and combining it with description of night creatures in a children’s book, I wrote what came to my mind.

Origin and Fate of Universe

Religion & Spirituality

Combining epistemology study of its ancient text with scientific research, the researcher reveals from Quran, a universe much more interesting and mysterious than any fictional narrative. The information, presented in a grid like structure, is likely to help in the progressive scientific development of the world and also corroborate components connected to deeper pointers in it. These hints point towards a Super String based cyclic Universe, teeming with 'life and Intelligence' at different levels of maturity, and unfolding according to a 'mother of all programs’. The revelations also reveal the existence of a dynamic mechanism for administration of universe with a ‘Federation of Intellects’ at highest levels. The research asserts that man will outlive his planet of origin, surviving long in the universe; and resolves several difficulties in the standard scientific models. The Creator, emerging from the literal interpretation of verses, differs from the ‘man in His image’ concept, and covers many universes, spread over levels upon levels of existence and perception.

Book Bubbles from Origin and Fate of Universe

Creator, the Ultimate Mystery

The Biblical statement that man has been created in the image of God, in retrospect is responsible for the popular image of Creator as a larger and older version of man, with all his positive and negative characteristics, living somewhere in heavens. Michelangelo, illustrated this concept beautifully through his immortal fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, while depicting the birth of Adam. For scientists, this vision of an elderly, loving, personal God beside Adam, with grey hair and a long beard, who listens and responds to prayers of billions of people daily, is quite difficult to accept, when they try to compare it with the enormous size and complexity of creation. Surprisingly, the Quran, which claims continuity with Judeo-Christian scripture does not reiterate this crucial image of God or humanity. The concept it presents through an allegory, is an alternate view of the Creator of universe, which is far more complex to decipher. It has almost no relation to Michelangelo’s illustration.

In Search of Our Origins

Religion & Spirituality

In Search of Our Origins, presents complex but interesting information on the origin of life and man. Hundreds of pointers from the epistemological study of Quran seem to tell us how the first molecule of life arose on the planet, what was the mechanism involved, where the event occurred on the primeval earth, and what did happen subsequently. The pointers also tell us how the life is linked to man, how the first man and his mate were created, where they were nurtured initially, and when and where did they appear on the earth. The book presents a standard objective mechanism to extract information from the ancient text, a way to verify the ancient records and a different mechanism to collectively investigate the information. The data presented has the potential to permanently lay at rest the debate between creationists and evolutionists.

Book Bubbles from In Search of Our Origins

Six blind men and the elephant

Limiting revealed knowledge to a single faith only, presents an incomplete picture of the phenomenon of revelations that goes against the scientific rationale. It is similar to the parable of six blind men, who touched individually a different part of an elephant, and assumed its shape to resemble the part they were holding. Logically, a Guidance from Creator, cannot be sent only to select few, for a limited time, and in a remote past. The need of revelations is global and eternal. This work presents revelations as a planet wide phenomenon that came to all nations and areas through human channels initially. Later, after the advent of writing and means of its preservation, the phenomenon coalesced into a Transmission, a non-human Messenger for all time, that could be preserved for eternity. In such a transmission, two methods are possible for putting unlimited information in it. First, by coding guidance under the primary text, in layers, one below the other, to be decoded by the humanity itself; and second, through peculiar composition of words that can reveal futuristic guidance from the same root meaning of words, using wider background of information. First method has been explained in 'The Ultimate Revelations'; and the second is outlined here, with the list of difficulties I have encountered in this exercise.

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