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Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 1 - Resurrection

Science Fiction & Fantasy

In the 50,000 years since Ryan Hunt was cremated, human history has taken several catastrophic turns. After nuclear annihilation came the volcanoes, and now there’s a plague bearing down on humanity. It’s going to take something big to save them this time. And they get it, in the form of a resurrected Hunt, who’s been given a second life. His DNA, it turns out, is the key to rescuing the species. But it won’t be as easy as simply swabbing the inside of his mouth. To survive in this new world, Hunt has to evade the kidnappers who are after him, hop from planet to planet, and even dust off his tux for a date to a ball. Even more challenging, he needs to navigate the waters with adventurous and beautiful scientist Dr. Kat Winslow, whom adventure seems to follow. With help from a friendly robot named NORA and a newfound sense of daring, Ryan Hunt is ready to take on the future - whatever it brings.

Book Bubbles from Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 1 - Resurrection

The Artesians

The Artesians are a humanoid race that evolved to have very sensitive eyes. Over the centuries, they developed special goggles containing multiple sets of lenses that can be switched around to see in different light spectrums. Being able to see colors in unique ways, they are highly gifted in creating works of art, which are highly sort after by other races.

The Dance

This pulls directly from my personal life. Being the shy type, I never went to proms, and dancing was far from my specialty. Prior to my wedding, my wife and I took dancing lessons, and the only way we could stay in sync was to count the steps. After the wedding, everyone kept asking what romantic words we were saying during our dance, and all we could reply with was 1, 2, 3….

Kat - Clothing Detail

I enjoy cosplaying in Star Wars Costumes for Comic Cons and Charity Events. My current costumes are ROTJ Stormtrooper, Sandtrooper, ROTJ Boba Fett, and Imperial Officer. So, how does this relate to the bubble and the detailed description of the character's clothing? My thought process was to give someone a reference point for cosplaying the character of Kat. Sometimes I see people looking for references for character costumes, and I just wanted to make it easier.

Wolfkin - Human Wolf Cross

With the onset of DNA mapping and genetic research, it is only a matter of time until someone tries to create a super-soldier. At first, it will be to increase the strength, endurance, healing powers, etc., of the human body, but eventually, I believe, some scientists will get the idea to splice the best parts of animal DNA with human DNA to create a Hybrid creature. In Mr. Hunt’s universe, the splicing of human and animal DNA occurred, and the new species, also known as Crosses, were used to fight battles without the loss of the alien race’s native species. Eventually, this did not work out well since the Crosses refused to fight and turn on their creators. Over the years, people adjusted to them being part of society, but some still look at them as monsters..


I have worked in the IT field for over 20 years. These days "Bots" are becoming mainstream, and I always wondered what would happen if a "Bot" was designed for self-preservation and was left alone to learn. With that curiosity, I developed the character Nora who picked her name from the title NORAD. I figured if anyone were to design a "Bot" for self-preservation, it would be a military organization.


I eat them probably 4-5 days a week for breakfast. So much so, my wife learned to make them and then freezes a bunch of them. Four minutes in the toaster oven, pour on maple syrup (the real stuff), and then microwave for 27 seconds...And yes, I have tried under and over 27 seconds, and this is the time I think works best.

Wedding Day

When writing, you pull in some real-life stories. This is a true statement by my best man and us being saved by his mom, who showed up to take photos.

2007 Ford Mustang GT

Yes, I still own this car. It is in the Grabber Orange color, which was a limited color for 2007- 2009. The car currently has 121k miles on it and is still fun to drive. Over the years, I have added a Cold Air Intake, 93 octane tune, Ford racing suspension, stripes, orange inserts into the seats, sequential tail lights, rear louvers, Flowmaster muffles, and other odds and ends.

History Lesson

Since the book takes place so far in the future, I needed the reader to know what has occurred since Ryan Hunt's death. I did not want to do a long-winded prologue, so I instead made Chapters 2 and 3 a history lesson. Then I could start Chapter 4 in the present time of the story.

Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 2 - Sacrifices

Science Fiction & Fantasy

After defeating a powerful enemy and recovering the ancient alien artifacts from Earth, Ryan Hunt's life should be smooth sailing, but the universe has other plans. While trying to cope with the memory of his kidnapping on Earth and attempting to mend his relationship with Dr. Kat, a new enemy emerges from the shadows—a force of evil more powerful than he had ever imagined. Bent on acquiring the alien artifacts and destroying Ryan Hunt, this unstoppable, mysterious foe forces Ryan to risk his life, and the lives of his friends, to unlock the secrets of these ancient treasures. But their time is running out. With a psychotic enemy on his heels and a new ally with their own agenda, Ryan will travel to new worlds and secret locations, and face deadly opposition from beings he never thought possible, from corporate vampire lords to a hideous doll lady and her patchwork minions. No one ever looks to be a hero. The Second Life of Mr. Hunt shows us what can happen when an ordinary man is forced to become one.

Book Bubbles from Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 2 - Sacrifices

Odd quotes

Since Ryan is a man out of time, I like to have him use sayings from his past life that confuse people in the future. In this scene, the ship Ryan is on is severely damaged. Kat shows up to help save him from Fredrick, and when Ryan quotes a saying, everyone (heroes and villains) stops to figure out what the hell he is talking about.

Kat on Edge

It was tough to get into Kat's head in this scene. She was on the edge, feeling alone and vulnerable. She was at the point of ending it all, but she faced her inner demons and became mentally stronger from doing so.

The Puppet Mr. Jingles

The puppet Mr. Jingles is the name of the 1940s hand-puppet that I use when I dress as a clown for Halloween. When dressed as the clown, I never talk but whisper to Mr. Jingles, and the puppet talks for me. People think it makes me look a little more psychotic. On another note, only very late in life did I find out that my sister is afraid of clowns. How I wish I knew this when we were younger, but to make up for it, I made sure to emphasize to her two little girls how afraid she is of clowns and, being the great brother I am, when my sister and I walk the Halloween tours, I make sure every scary clown is aware of her fear. If you are interested in seeing my clown costume and Mr. Jingles, you can check it out on my website

Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 3 - Failover

Science Fiction & Fantasy

It’s the first-ever Halloween party at OTKE Corporation. All the party-goers are having a great time, and Mr. Hunt kicks it up with spooky stories from his childhood. Too bad for Mr. Hunt, the horrors of Halloween are about to become real. On the brink of a galactic war, Mr. Hunt and Dr. Kat volunteer for a mission that brings them to the center of interstellar conflict, unexplored regions of space, and the reality of their relationship. Meanwhile, Nora, the AI, and the crew of the Tempus are ordered to tackle a secret mission of their own. The missions will challenge both teams. Fredrick LaRue stalks them from the shadows, and a new evil emerges…But there is hope when an old acquaintance steps up, and new allies are formed. Evil has a way of changing a man, and Mr. Hunt will be changed in ways he never imagined.

Book Bubbles from Second Life of Mr. Hunt: Book 3 - Failover

Interesting Saying

A few years ago, I volunteered to help a team manage deliverables for various projects. During one of the meetings, we were discussing the effort around some deployments. The person who manages the team is from the south and said, “It depends if the juice is worth the squeeze...” It froze everyone in the meeting as they pondered the meaning. It made sense and is now forever stuck in my head. In Book 3, Nora the AI is undercover and switches to a southern accent, and I went out of my way to make sure she used the saying. I have since used this saying during a recent conference call, which also froze the participants as they thought about its meaning, but with my NY accent, it did not have the same flair.

Ghost Stories

Mr. Hunt is telling ghost stories at his Halloween Party. These stories are what I recall from childhood and the stories my parents told me later in life. It was an interesting house to live in.

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