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Gabrielle  Garbin

Changing my destiny one word at a time. I'm currently working on an update to How To Look Good When You're Dead ( You can find my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, iTunes and Smashwords. My website is under construction.


How to Look Good When You’re Dead: A Zombie-Survival Guide

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Julia Emery has it all. She's a gorgeous celebrity blogger with a charmed life until her fiance jilts her. Six months later, a one-night stand leaves her with a case of STZ: Sexually Transmitted Zombieism. Julia comes to realize that the monsters under the bed are not only real, she is now one of them. Follow Julia as she quips and snipes her way through this new life in search of a cure, finding a motley crew of friends from The Otherworld--and maybe even love-- along the way.

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The Worst Thing That Can Happen

What if we spend all this time worrying about how we look, going to the gym, eating healthy, denying ourselves that piece of cake because it has too many carbs...and in the end, there's something so much worse? Julia Emery aka "Jules" finds this out the hard way. Now, instead of worrying about wrinkles at 28, she's worried about her ear landing in someone's soup. Hilarity ensues in this black comedy about love, loss and trying to hold on to her humanity in a world that values beauty above all else.

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