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Freya  Daree

Freya Daree is from a small town in central Tennessee where she enjoys she enjoys the small things in life. Freya has enjoyed reading from a young age. Growing up, her mother would read her stories and encouraged her to read. As she aged, her love for books continued to grow throughout her school years. Just before entering high school did she find out her joy of writing. It allowed her to express herself in a way she had never been capable before. She continued to create short stories and small chaptered novellas. With her first book The DeathReaper, she started her life long dream of being a published author. She wishes to create a love for reading with her books and inspire younger people just as authors had with her.


The DeathReaper

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Nineteen-year-old Amelie Weathers wishes she could live like a normal girl, yet each day she is reminded of what will never be. In the world led by Indivix Corp, powers dictate your entire life—from your job, to how people perceive you—and with Amelie’s uniquely dangerous indiviym, she would be executed on the spot if her secret was revealed. Still, it grows increasingly difficult to stay in the shadows. When she meets runaway scientist Kane Blackwell, forces beyond her control drive her into the limelight. An evil led by an Omniviym named Alexander Kord will stop at nothing to level and corrupt major cities across the country. Under Kane’s guidance and instruction, Amelie must awaken the powerful indiviym within her to protect the world from the evils that are crawling to the surface.

Book Bubbles from The DeathReaper

The Excitement of Travel

I had the joy of travelling to Oregon about a week ago now. It was my first time on a plane and my first time alone traveling anywhere. I remember the fear I had when I first booked the tickets. It was something new, something I had never done before and I was scared. At points leading up to me booking the ticket, I contemplated if I was ready to do it. When I was dropped off at the airport and said my farewells, it was like a sudden calm rushed over me. That I knew I could do this. It was exciting, and most of all a great learning point for me. Up until that point I never went anywhere by myself, I always had a friend or family member join me. All I know is that after I stepped off that plane in Portland I felt freer than I had ever felt. It was an eye opener. It was as if I knew I could do what I want from that point. So as the world opens to more travel, I heavily encourage anyone who wants to experience a new adventure to go somewhere you never have and do it with only yourself as company.

The Change of Society

When the pandemic hit the world, we weren't ready for the change that it would cause. The virus certainly changed aspects of my life. People kept there distance and scurried away at the implication of a cough. Yet, I vowed to keep my life a usual as possible without putting anyone at risk. I began to workout at home instead of in public places. I would cut my outings to a minimum and make sure to protect myself. I began to find ways to entertain myself indoors with movies, games, or books. It certainly was difficult when human interaction had be cut to a minimum but I've had the pleasurer of meeting many people from different walks of life through game chats. As meeting in person had been cut, I've seen first hand how technology has created a place to talk to others while still being in your own home.

The Calm in Nature

Growing up in a society that never stops and keeps moving is tiring. Many forget that nature can heal a weary person. Nature welcomes everyone no matter background, it is a place so many can go to enjoy and recharge. It's a surprise how much of the world's population tends to overlook the healing qualities of sitting out on a nice warm day. The benefits it can have for your mind. When I was little, it was a daily occurrence that I snuck out into the woods to sit as my mother would wonder where I had run off to. It was my escape. I always love sharing my love of those meditative times and encourage others to try it out.

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