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The Ultimate Bet

Literature & Fiction

Is there a price tag on eternal youth?

 What happens when a wealthy gambler par excellence loses his zest for life?

 And what happens when a stranger challenges him to risk his soul in a poker game?

Jim Steadman is a self-made multi-billionaire. Despite the unlimited luxuries that his money can acquire, he is disenchanted with his everything in his life.

After a poker game where Jim dropped over $300,000, he headed to the premier cocktail lounge in Chicago. He notices an unusual man looking at him, one that had a flaming orange and red kerchief that flickered in the dimly lit bar.

Ignis Genero approaches Jim the following night when he’s dining at a restaurant. He’s the same man from the night before. Calling Jim by his name, he asks, “What is the largest bet you’ve ever made?”

The Ultimate Bet delivers an engaging fantasy that creates a scenario where the stakes have no limit. The games is on.

Photo Frank Victoria
A proud Marine Corps veteran, Frank calls Chicago home. If you meet Frank, ask him about Maxwell Street Station and the mouth-watering Polish sausage and pork chop sandwiches covered with grilled onions!

A portion of all proceeds will be given to Tunnel-to-Towers Foundation and Fisher House Foundation, both nonprofits supporting disabled veterans.

Book Bubbles from The Ultimate Bet

JIm Steals a Pot

Jim chages tactics and decides to bluff the devil.

What's Jim Up To?

Jim is still losing, but he thinks he might have a psychological advantage. So, he changes tactics.

Jim StillHas Sense of Humor

Jim is in big trouble in the game. But he reveals, nonetheless, a sense of humor. Then he cautions the devil not to take anything for granted.

Jim Is Embarrassed

After trying to escape, Jim returns to the game feeling embarrassed by trying to escape.

Jim is Losing -- Takes a Break

Jim's luck goes bad. His stack is just $500,000. He wants to take a break. The devil agrees. He goes outside and chantises himself and tries to get away.

Jim is Sucker by a Phony Tell

Jim studies his opponent carefully and notices that the devil sometimes blinks his eyes rapidly. After seeing this two times, Jim calls the devils with a weak hand just to find out what the blinking is about, Turns out the devil blinks quickly when he has a bad hand. However, it's a trap. A phony tell. He snookered Jim to make a large bet when had a powerful hand. Jim calls the bet and loses the hand.

Jim Wins the First Hand

The game begins. Jim wins the first pot.

The Devil Cautions Jim

The devil reminds Jim that once the first card is dealt the bet is on no matter what.

Does the Devil Regret Rebelling Against God

Jim asks the devil if he regrets rebelling against God. The devil answers by quoting from Paridice Lost.

Jim Signs the Devil's Contractt

Before the poker game begins, the devil pulls an agreement from his coat pocket for Jim to sign. Jim begins to read the contract, but the devil tells him to read it if he wants, but that it is legitimate. Jim signs the agreement.

Identical poker room

Jim awakens in a poker room idetical to the one in his regular Friday night game. The devil appears and says he thought jim would be more comfortable in in those surroundings. Jim thanks him, but then is shocked and angered when the devil reads his mind.

A Dire Warning

After Jim takes the bet, he's told that he can change his mind -- but only until the first card is dealt. When dealing with the Devil, remember, he holds the cards. He's already forewarned Jim that he won't cheat. Will he honor it?

Jim Takes The Bet

With a touch of humor, Ignis convinces Jim to accept the challenge.

Ignis Sets The Bait

The devil offers Jim eternal youth, but Jim is wary of losing friends and family oveer and over again. But Ignis tells Jim he will give him the ability to forget .

Ignis Returns

After their first personal encounter, Ignis phones Jim, then controls his TV, stunning Jim.

Will Jim Leave His Wife?

Jim's mistress presses him on divorcing his wife to marry her.

Jim Meets A Seductress

Jim encounter a sensual, exotic woman and considers leaving his wife for her.

Jim Meets His Wife

At a black tie charity event, Jim meets Kate. They both stumble with their words but begin dating. A year later, they're married and have three boys. They become a celebrity couple.

Jim Becomes A Billionaire

After college, Jim does extremely well as a stock broker, then starts his own brokerage house. He sells it for a hefty sum and enters the real estate market, where he become a billionaire.

Jim Meets Calor Again

Calor orders Jim to shoot an unarmed civilian. Jim refuses. His platoon leader arrives and settles the situation.

Jim Encounters Evil

Jim is wounded in Vietnam and is temporarily assigned to G2 (Intelligence) and is told to work with Captain Vincent Calor, an evil officer who throws prisiners out of a helicoper. Hrders Jim to push a prisoner out of the chopper, but Jim won't obey.

Jim's Heart is Broken

Karen breaks up with Jim. He is crestfallen even though he expected it. But he takes it like a man and doesn't show his true emotions. He casually brushes it off.

Jim's Father Straightens Him Out

Jim's father makes him see the light. He tells Jim to drop Karen. When Jim is taken aback by this, his dad points out the reality of the situation.

Jim's Father Lectures Him

When Jim tells his fatheer about Karen and Danny, his father gives him a lesson of romantic relationships.

Jim Warns His Girlfriend

Jim tells his girlfriend that Danny is using her to retaliate for Jim not cheating with him. She rebuffs him and he's devastated.

Jim Confronts His Girlfriend

Jim tells his girlfriend that he caught her cheating on him. She responds angrily. He rebuts her.

Jim's Suspisions are Correct

Jim spies on his girlfriend and finds out that she's cheating on him.

Jim is Jealous

The first hint that Danny is making a play for Jim's sweetheart. He's jealous and worried.

Jim's Girlfriend Become the Stakes

When Jim refuses to cheat, Danny wants to get back at him by stealing his girlfriend.

Jim won't cheat

A high school classmate wants Jim to cheat with him at poker. Jim won't do it. It's an early display of his sense of marality that will show up later n the book.

Jim Studies Poker

After being beaten at poker, Jim a painstaking study of poker. He memorizes odds and learns to make instant calculations in his mind.

Jim risks his life

Jim is goaded into standing on el tracks as a train approaches. He's scared, but manages to get out of its way in the nick of time. Oddly, the experience excites him.

Jim's first poker encounter

Jim's first experience in a serious poker game is a disaster. He is bluffed out of a hand, but learns an important lesson.

The gaulent is thrown down

The "mystery" man explains what he wants. Jim thinks he a lunatic. But will events that could only be supernatural change his mind?

First glimpse of the "mystery" man

Sitting in a cocktail lounge, Jim Steadman notices an odd looking man looking at him. He tries to confront the man, but he's gone.

Why is Steadman "playing like a fool?"

The first hint that Jim Steadman has a gambing problem. What is he willing to do to revive the t hrill he got from gambling?

The Founders' Plot

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

What happens when the newly California Govenor Defies the Supreme Court?

Afghanistan war hero Mike DiGrasso has just been elected Governor of California by an overwhelming majority. Immediately, he sets in motion his campaign primary promise—to create a strict immigra¬tion law that would do three things:

• Curtail illegals from entering the State.
• Seek out illegals who are currently living or working in
the State.
• Return all illegals to their countries of origin.
DiGrasso saw nothing stringent about the law. Others disagreed ....

  • Will DiGrasso’s new immigration law destroy illegal families?
  • Will the U.S. President take action to force DiGrasso to obey the Court?
  • Will Governor Mike DiGrasso survive the assassins’ bullets?

No one would ever know the meeting took place ...
For readers of political thrillers, The Founders’ Plot is a fast-moving political thriller that mirrors hot-button contemporary issues that puts a human face on what are distant distractions for most Americans.

Book Bubbles from The Founders' Plot

Mike Stands By His Principles

Mike's daughters ask him to give Patti's boyfriend a pardon or dispension. He refuses.

Stone Warns Mike About Stern

Stone calls mike to warn him that Stern is pushing for an immigration bill that will make it past juldicial scrutiny.

Mike Learns Whis His Daughter Is Upset

After Patti storms out, his other daughters explain why she is so angry with him.

Mike Argues with his Daughters

Mike and Josephine are having dinner with their three daughters. They argue about his immigration law. It turns into a shouting match. His youngest, Patti, storms out.

A Disturbing Event

Mike is following the riots on TV. At one point 200 rioters approach a high end area of LA. Police fire tear gas but it doesn't stop the rioters. The police draw their sidearms. Mike gasps as the police open fire.

Stone Cautions Mike

Stone calls Mike to say that Stern is writing an immigration bill that will poass judicial scrutiny.

LA erupts into riots

Riots shake Los Angeles after Mike ignores the Supreme Court. Mayor Dawkiins and Mike argue.

Carlos is Goaded Into a Fight

A fellow construction worker insults Carlos. Julio tries to difuse the situation, but Carlos is infuriated.

Carlos Worries About Selling Phony Documents

Carlos tells Julio he's nervous about selling the phony identificatrion documents, that he feels lke he's living on borrowed time. Julio suggests he should stop doing it. But Carlos says he's making good money and that he's not sure he can get out of it so easily.

The Law goes to the Supreme Court Court

The immigration law is challenged, first in the applelatte courts and them to the California Supreme Cout, which refuses to hear it. Finally, it's taken to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The President Calls

Mike is shocked when the president calls and says Mike should find acompromise with the sanctuary mayors. Mike doesn't like to compromise. It has to be his way or now way.

Sanctuary City Mayors Become a Problem

Mayors of sanctuary cities rebel against Mike's immigration law. But Mike finds a way to make them comply.

Immigrant Grandparents

Mike explains that he's not anti-immigration, just wants them to enter America legally.

Mike's Anxious About Stern

Mike is uneasy about Stern's ability to conive and manipulate the legislative process.

Elderly Man rings Back memories

Mike meets an older man at a diner who reminds him of his father. He buys him a steak.

The Confrontation Is Seeded

The stage is set. The minority leader is not afraid of challenging the governor. Her reasons are clear ... the governor' s beliefs are the opposite of hers.

Tensions Rise in the Govenor's Office

It's the beginning of a head-bumping confrontation with Govenor DiGrasso and Elizabeth Stern, the minority leader in the state senate. Stern is an expert at backroom wrangling and political arm wrestling. Will she take him down?

What are the leaders cooking up?

Something is brewing. What is the President of the US plotting with the California Govenor?

There's trouble in the sanctuary cities.

There's more trouble for Govenor Mike. Mayors of sanctuary cities refuse to follow the immigration law that would outlaw such cities. The Governor eventually comes up with a compromise. Will it work?

Strife Weaves through the Mexican Community

Two Mexican families begin wrestling with how they will survive if the governor’s promised immigration law is passed. Carlos makes a dangerous decision to earn more money in case they’re deported. Will the new Govenor force them to retreat to another stater or deport them?

Kabul, Afganistan 2003

Mike displays courage, humility, and character by refusing to accept the Silver Star for bravery under fire because he believes he’s responsible for the deaths of marines under his command. This display of his character establishes his credibility for the actions he takes regarding the Supreme Court.

Four Handshakes Turn the Nation Upside Down.

WIthin the Prologue of The Founder's Plot, the stage is set for one of the biggest tremors that shakes the political landscape. The tsunami starts in California ... where will it end?

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