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Cold Feet


Viola is a wedding planner. She has a secret too. She uses a ‘wedding whisperer’ to coax clients to go through with their wedding when they get ‘cold feet’ at the last minute. Viola’s close business associates are aware of this tactic and it is a well-kept secret. But when one of her associates lets the secret slip to none other than Viola’s strongest competitor, Christine Jackson, Christine sees a way to ruin Viola’s business and credibility. Viola meets Rick at a wedding she has arranged for one of her clients. Her initial attraction quickly turns to dislike when Viola realizes Rick is a divorce lawyer and his ideas of marriage and love are very different to hers. The evening goes from bad to worse when the groom is caught cheating with the maid of honour. Viola sees her business ruined and leaves Los Angeles to start over. When she is given a second chance in business, she returns to rebuild her life, not knowing that one of her sponsors is her worst enemy, and plans to destroy her credibility in the industry altogether. To make matters worse, she meets Rick again and they find that their attraction for one another is still very much alive. There is one problem, though. Rick has changed his opinions about marriage and is now engaged to be married to her worst enemy. Will Rick and Viola come to their senses and admit their feelings for each other before it's too late?

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Getting advice helps

When you're faced with a difficult decision, get some advice. You don't have to go it alone. You also don't have to take the advice but two heads are better than one as they say. So are three or four..

You've either got it or you haven't...

Throwing money at something does not solve all problems. Sometimes it takes more than money. It might be a person's attitude that helps, kindness, or even just a smile.

Our heroes don't always respect us...

We look up to people in our lives for a reason. Maybe we respect them for what they have achieved in business or for who we believe they are as a person, a parent, or a role model. While we look up to them, it does not mean that they would share the same respect for us, even if they know who we are. We should not simply believe that people we look up to will treat us with respect or even be trustworthy.

Cold Feet

Book Bubbles from Cold Feet

A sense of loss...

Many of us have had jobs or businesses which we have lost for one reason or another. It's so much harder when we have a family to support and when we realise that certain luxuries or comforts we enjoyed have to come to an end until at least we can find something we hope will be better. But somehow we always find a way through and the bad time is soon a distant memory. Have you ever been in such a situation? What is your life like now after that situation happened? Is it better, are you still looking for another job or starting a new business? Remember, that the hardship does not last forever. Things will improve at some point.

Looking back...

Have you ever done anything that you felt was wrong in hindsight and felt that it possibly damaged your career? Some of us have, but we need to understand that not everyone knows who we are, regardless of what we did wrong. The whole world is not interested in one person's dirty laundry or the little sinner that we are. Sure, someone could make a connection, but then it would be up to them to decide what to do about it. The last thing they should do is judge us on our past. The sure thing that will most likely happen is that they will judge us anyway. Let them. All we have to do is accept that some people will know and let go and move on.

What if...?

We all have exes in our past. Well, most of us anyway. Some we don't see anymore, some we think of from time to time when something happens that reminds us of them, and some we happen to forget until we run into them again. What would you do if you ran into an ex after a long time? Is there an ex that stands out from all the rest? Why? What would you do if you ran into that one ex that stands out from all the rest? Would you take revenge if it was a bad breakup? Would you pretend not to see them or remember them? Or would you be able to sit down and have a friendly chat about old times?

Who doesn't want a second chance?

Have you ever applied for a job and hoped that you would get it, even though you knew you were a long shot for that job, even though you knew you'd be good at that job and that it would be the perfect job for you? What if you happened to get that job? There are some of you who have surely had the experience. Can you recall how you felt when you got that dream job? It's awesome isn't it? But every dream job comes with its challenges just as Viola's opportunity holds challenges she doesn't know exist. What if your worst enemy was behind your dream job and you didn't know it until much later? How would that make you feel?

How far would you go for revenge?

How far would you go to destroy someone you dislike? Would you lie to your best friend? Would you even think up a plot to destroy them? Life's too short really but some people just don't get that. It's better to be happy, forgive and move on...

How vividly do you remember?

When we return to a place we haven't been to in a long time, we tend to recall the many fond and some not so fond memories of that place as if they were yesterday. We may feel that the place itself has changed a lot, but if it hasn't, we can easily feel as if we have stepped back in time to when the memories occurred. Do you notice how vivid some of the memories can be when we recall them? Do you ever notice details that seem somehow important but a long time ago seemed irrelevant such as peanut butter being sold in glass bottles? What's your favourite nostalgic moment and what memories does it unlock for you?

To Be or Not to Be...

Many of us have been in difficult situations before with someone else when tensions have run high and words have often been unkind. It's at times like these that people say the wrong things, and the way they can be interpreted gives us the perfect opportunity for a sarcastic response. As much as it seems like a good idea to seize the moment with sarcasm, doing so would do nothing more than make the situation worse. So what would you do? Would you choose war or peace with your response?

Who is to blame?

What would you do if you were a wedding planner and the wedding you worked so hard to plan and arrange was ruined by none other than the groom who was caught cheating on his bride in the bathroom at the reception? How would you feel if you were warned that it might happen and you pressed the concerned partner to go through with their wedding anyway? Viola's careful planning and good intentions all come tumbling down around her on a night that seems to have no end to bad news.

Sometimes we have to be brave for others.

Sometimes when others are going through hard times they can't reason logically or determine the right choice to make. That's one of the times when true friends step in to help them make the right decision. Have you ever been in that position?

Don't rein in your passion

When the moment strikes let it run. Follow it pursue it, make the most of it and enjoy it. What have been your most passionate experiences?

What setting do you prefer most for romance?

Is it the place that adds to the romance or is it the person that can make any place romantic?

Best intentions aren't always right.

We all try to do our best for others and ourselves. Yet, despite our best intentions, our advice can sometimes be wrong. We just need to hope that the person we give the faulty advice to, understands we meant no harm and even could not have known better ourselves. As long as we know that our heart was in the right place, we can take comfort in trying to help others even when our advice is wrong.

Did you get cold feet on your wedding day?

Most of us have heard the term 'cold feet' if we've been married or close to someone who got married. Why do people get cold feet? Is it just the last minute jitters or do they have a valid reason for wondering if they are doing the right thing?

A Question of Ethics

How far will some people go to win? Would you be willing to destroy the competition just to stay on top in business even if it meant helping destroy the competition's business? We're faced with questions of ethics all the time. We should all do the right thing, every time but sadly some people see it differently...

What is your attraction button??

Is it the way they dress, the way they talk, or the whole package?

That first glance...

Have you ever felt an attraction or something more carnal when you have seen or met a stranger for the first time?

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