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I'm a missionary and author living out the great adventure in Northern Uganda.


For the Wife Who Desires to be Better: A Devotional on Biblical Marriage

Christian Books & Bibles

Marriage takes work. Biblical marriage is being assaulted in the world today, and more than ever we need to lean on the Word of God as our foundation and guide. Join author Erica Mbasan for this short devotional journey through being a godly wife. You will be uplifted and encouraged as you allow God to speak to you through His never-changing truth.

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God is Your Strength

I know so many people have difficult marriages, constant battles and feelings of hopelessness. That is not how God intended marriage to be. Thankfully, though, He gives us a way to experience His joy and victory even in the worst of circumstances. He is our sufficiency, and as we draw close to Him, His love can flow from our hearts to the most challenging spouse. Take courage if you are going through a difficulty in your marriage. God is bigger!


Submission does not mean you are inferior, you should take abuse, or you have no voice. It means, ultimately, that you trust God with the order He has set up and trust that HE will work it out. It will release you from the burdens you aren't meant to carry. It's as much for your protection as it is anything else. In the end, the best part is that it glorifies God. And shouldn't that always be our end goal?

What is Love

The biblical definition of "love" is far deeper than the word we use so flippantly in our society today. We love toast, we love ice cream, we love to go for long drives, we love our spouse and children. Not all are equal. Unfortunately the English language is limited; but it's deeper than that. Our depths of love have been diminished to conform to the tides of this world. Love, lust, personal fulfillment, satisfying one's emotional needs all seem to mean the same thing. But they don't. God says love is laying down our lives. Putting others first. Why are so many marriages failing? Well there are lots of reasons, but one definitive truth is that we have forsaken true love for the cheap imitation that our world has sold us. Let's return to our first love, most importantly with God and then with our fellow man (including our spouse!)

For the Joy Set Before Us: Insights into the Missionary Journey

Religion & Spirituality

For the Joy Set Before Us will challenge you to take God’s Great Commission seriously. You will learn what real life looks like on the mission field. You will be left with an honest understanding of what lies before you if you intend to share God’s heartbeat for the nations. For anyone in ministry or serious about serving Christ, this book will be an encouragement and motivation.

Book Bubbles from For the Joy Set Before Us: Insights into the Missionary Journey

Broken to be Holy

There is a purpose in the pain that God allows us to go through. As followers of Christ, we will suffer; but there is a beautiful blessing that follows!

Counting the Cost

There will be challenges on the mission field. I share one of those challenges here, when I nearly died. God saved my life through various people and circumstances. He is faithful! We must count the cost, and trust our lives to God.

Your Life is not your own

If you are interested in doing missionary work, it is important to first be filled with the heart of God.

For the Joy Set Before Us: Insights into the Missionary Journey

Christian Books & Bibles

What does it take to leave behind everything you know, all the comforts of home, to travel into the unknown to answer the call? "For the Joy Set Before Us" invites you into the depths of the mission field, offering insights into the life God may have in store for you. Whether you are called to serve overseas or to serve right where you are, this book is for you.

Book Bubbles from For the Joy Set Before Us: Insights into the Missionary Journey

Broken to be Holy

There is a purpose in the pain that God allows us to go through. As followers of Christ, we will suffer ; but there is a beautiful blessing that follows!

Why We Do It

We are given one life in which to live for God, to pour ourselves out. When we get tired or discouraged we can take comfort in the reality that this life is so short in light of eternity. We should give all that we have for these few short moments, so that we may more fully enjoy the pleasure of our King forever and ever.

We are at War

Like it or not, as Christians we are in a battle. A constant daily battle where we are guaranteed to lose if we look to our own strength, but are guaranteed success as we submit to Christ in all things and fight with the weapons He has given to us. We can be (and are called to be) more than conquerors thru Him who loves us!

God's Heart

God's heart is for the nations. He loves all people, as He has created them in His image and for a great purpose. Missions is God's idea. It is His passion to reach the lost and equip His followers that we may be more than conquerors. Your heart for the lost, broken and defeated is God's heart beating and loving through you!


It's not something we enjoy, or even like to think about it. We want to hear about the gifts of God, the presence of God, His forgiveness and unconditional love. All of these are true and necessary to understand; but so is the reality that in this world, as believers, we will go through periods of brokenness. We must be broken in order for Him to rebuild us into what He desires for us to be. It is a painful process, but it is worth it. Don't shy away from the Potter's Hands, but let Him mold you and remake you into the beautiful vessel that you were created to be.

It's His Show

This life we live is not our own. We have been bought with a price. The service we do unto the Lord is His work, being fleshed out through ordinary people like you and I. What a privilege it is that the Lord would choose to use us, fallible and tiny people! Let us not forget that it is His work. Let us join hands with others, not compete against each other. We are all called to be one Body with the purpose of making Him known in this world, and sharing His love with anyone who will listen.

Our Purpose

So many people are searching for purpose in this world. We can walk forward in confidence, knowing what we were created for, only as we come to know and learn from our Creator.

Life as a Missionary

People oftentimes have misconceptions about life on the mission field. It's not easy, nor does it make someone "super-spiritual" if they are a missionary. It's God's power working through ordinary sinners to do extraordinary things for His glory.

God Can: When We Can’t Do Anything, God Can

Biographies & Memoirs

GOD CAN chronicles the journeys of six people in Uganda, telling each story with frank honesty and integrity. They are both heartbreaking and inspiring. Through unbelievable hardships, war, and oppression (both physically and spiritually), God has sustained them and has done the miraculous on their behalf. “I hope this book encourages you that God can work out whatever you are going through. He loves you. When we can’t do anything, God Can.” – Erica Mbasan

Book Bubbles from God Can: When We Can’t Do Anything, God Can

God's Favor in the Bush

Jimmy was 14 years old when he was abducted by rebels. He can see God's favor upon him even in that terrible situation, as God gave him a way of escape. All of us go through hard times and challenges. I wonder, do we see God's favor upon us in those times? Instead of complaining about our challenges, what about thanking Him for being with us and bringing us this far? This does not undermine our pain, which needs to be processed and dealt with; but it does change our perspective through it. God loves you. He is with you. He has provided a way of escape for you from the powers of sin and darkness, through His own life.

The Gift of Education

It is only recently , within the last generation or so, that girls are encouraged to go to school in Northern Uganda. Before that, they were not allowed to have the opportunity. Rebekah desired so badly to learn but she was refused the opportunity because she was born poor and she was born a female. We should be thankful for every chance and opportunity that we receive, because many people haven't had the same. We are blessed to be educated, and beyond that (and far more important), we are so privileged to know the love of God!!

God was with him through the Terror

Jimmy thought his life was over as a young boy when he ran from men with guns. Years later he would again face men with guns who led him away and abducted him as a rebel. Miraculously, God would preserve him through all of this and every challenge ahead. In the same way, God is with you today in whatever challenge you are facing. His plans will come to pass as you trust Him and surrender your life to Him. God Can!

God Can Set Us Free

LRA rebels tried to harden the hearts of their new abductees. They indoctrinated, mocked, forced them into heavy labor and trained them to fight and shed blood. The enemy of our soul tries to do the same in the western world with ease and luxury while he steals everything away from us. Praise God that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ! God was with Chris through all of the trauma that he endured, and He brought him out of that place. God can do the same to all of us who are enslaved in our hearts and minds to the god of this world.

Innocent Children

Chris was an innocent young child when he was abducted by the LRA. He didn't ask for that life, but he was forced into it. I thank God that He eventually made it out and is where he is today. This got me thinking, though. How many of us willingly submit ourselves to slavery? Jesus has come to set us free from bondage, but how many of us decide to stay in sin? Unlike the innocent children abducted by the LRA, we are willing participants in defiance to God. It is the greatest tragedy. Jesus came that we may have abundant life, and walk in everything He designed us for. So many would rather stay in chains and walk in the deeds of darkness. Come out from the rebellion against God and be set free! Choose Jesus, choose life and freedom.

There is Hope

Angela faced a lot of difficulties as a young girl and throughout his life. She didn't think there was hope for her. Little did she know that God saw her and had great plans for her. Today, Angela teaches Bible studies and helps run our village ministry program. Her son Vincent is walking with the Lord strong as well. God is restoring the years that the locusts had eaten. He can do the same in your life too. No matter what you're going through, there's hope.

Life is Fragile

Sharon was a young girl when she experienced a rebel ambush. The fear that her and her friends went through was palpable. One of her best friends was never seen again. Young children should be loved and protected, not running in fear and taken into captivity. God's heart broken for Sharon's situation, and it breaks for whatever suffering you may be going through as well. Just as God intervened in Sharon's life, He desires to intervene in yours. He loves you, and He desires to work in and through you.


Ben lived in fear for much of his childhood. He had to move around in "the bush" hiding from soldiers. Later he would face more tragedy.. Through all of it, though, God has sustained him. God is faithful to strengthen us through our trials and to bring us to victory as we trust in Him. He is Sovereign and will not let us be consumed. "Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness. 'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul, 'Therefore I hope in Him!'" Lam. 3:22-24

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