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I'm a maverick scholar, known for disproving many scientific hypotheses. In this book,. I show that dogs domesticated themselves. They weren't tamed by humans. My conclusions come both from my lifelong experiences with dogs and from cutting edge science in dog studies, a hot topic in academia today. Becsuse I taught science for 40 years, I know how to write it so that it's not dry or stilted in any way. Reviewers have praised it highly as a real page turner.


Humans, Dogs, and Civilization

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Book Bubbles from Humans, Dogs, and Civilization

Dos can Lie

Read about the amazing feats of Winkle, a Dalmation. Here it shows that he could con people,making them think he wasn't doing wrong even when heactually was.

Dogs of War

The ways dogs behaved in wars is amazing. They their soldiers, scout out booby traps, carry messages, and find wounded solders. The kinds of jungle fighting in Vietnam and the many countries we've invaded since then relies heavily on war dogs. Their superior scenting, ability to see in a wider field than humans, and their ability to notice minuscule movements that humans don't are what makes them vital to soldiers.

Dogs Decide

Many people think that dogs can't make decisions because they don't have human language. But, my experiences with Flippy, my dog when I was a child, show he decided both whom to include a a family member, and that I was his special charge.

My Chow

Disregarding all discomforts and even pain my Chow Chow, Pooh, patrolled our 35 acres of woodland even in the harshest of weather in winter. She refused to come inside during blizzards, although she was severely arthritic. She lived to do her job of guarding. She actually appointed herself as a guardian when she was only 4 months old..We did nothing to training her for such a task. Nor did we ever deny her the pleasures living indoors.

Sheepdogs have "care for" genes

If they don't have a flock to herd, sheepdogs will watch out for and "herd" children. Our Old English sheepdog looked after my son Jeremy, the youngest of my sons, ensuring he did nothing dangerous.

Chow Chow

Dogs have unexpected inborn behaviors as I've shown in the Prologue, the Bubbles about Ishmael and now about Pooh. What they do is uncanny and nobody could teach them what they do.

Dogs figuring out how humans will act

Ishmael figured out if he needed a ride home, he could get it by hopping into cars and letting the driver read his tags. Who said dogs can't think? Dogs certainly can. Read the book to find out what happened to Ishmael because of his rust in human behavior.

Ishmael as Nanny

Ishmael, an Old English Sheepdog, took it upon himself to watch my two youngest sons. Sheepdogs don't just herd. They protect by interfering if the kids did something the dog thought was dangerous. Nobody trained him to do this. It was part of his genetic makeup. He started watching over my sons --and their friends--when he was only 3 months old.

Retrieved Memory

Watching a sheepdog in action, I had a flashback to when I was six years old, and my mutt, Flippy aved me from a gang of girls. A dog doesn't have to be a purebred Border Collie, and they'll herd humans, too.e

Herding dogs

Dogs do what they do in herding by their genetic makeup, not being trained by humans.

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