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Donna R Wittlif

Donna R. Wittlif has a master's degree and has taught in high schools and colleges. She has been a student and teacher of the Bible for over fifty years. For the past ten years she has studied UFO's and related phenomena, and she uses what she learns in her books. She and her husband live in Colorado, where they enjoy writing, teaching Bible classes, gardening, and keeping up with their grandchildren.


World Eternal: Perils

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Earth’s existence—and that of everyone on our planet—is quickly coming to an end. But Pat Minden doesn’t know it. He has one more semester to finish his Master’s Degree at CU-Boulder and has lined up a job with a prestigious aerospace firm. He has it made. Then his nightmare begins. He suddenly finds himself imprisoned, alone, and sentenced to a lingering death. Will the God he has ignored listen to his pleas? What Pat can’t know is his friend Jim has discovered the plot that dooms Earth. He has only two days to warn the government of a reality so frightening that no one will believe him. Can Jim and his brother-in-law, Major Mason Davis, fly an untested supersonic space fighter to destroy the enemy? Will the F-N3 be able to carry out its mission, or will it fail them? Pat, Jim, and Mason all hang onto one slim hope—they will not have to fight their battles alone. Does God see them and hear their prayers? Is He looking down on them, ready to come to their aid? Is He concerned about the fate of the world He has created? An exciting, suspenseful science fiction adventure that will keep you turning the pages and help you understand how God cares for His world and His people.

Book Bubbles from World Eternal: Perils

Second Chances

Pat can't believe it. Most people, like Pat, find it hard to understand and believe God's love. "But God commends his own love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us," Romans 5:8 says. God loved His people in the Old Testament. God said through David, "For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is his loving kindness toward them that fear him. As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. Like as a father pities his children, So The Lord pities them that fear him" (Psalm 103:11-12). God has not changed. He still loves His children and calls them to Him. He is a God of second chances.

Rescue or Trap?

Pat is near death when a helicopter hovers over him. He climbs aboard with his last ounce of strength. Then he notices the pilot. He wore a spiked helmet, and his torso was covered with gray metallic armor that gleamed in the light. Pat stared out the window. They were approaching the mountain where he had seen the red light descend. Suddenly, he knew where they were heading.

Out of Desperation

Only when we get really down, when we lose something that is precious to us, do we stop to think about our blessings. It is also a time to look inward and see where we are and what we are doing. Pat is beginning to realize what he has lost. He doesn't know that he hasn't reached bottom yet. As dire as his circumstances now seem, they will only get worse. All the while, he is seeking a way out of his dreadful life. He yearns to be back with his family and friends and completing the plans he has for his life. Pal also doesn't know that God has plans for him that he cannot imagine. Will he find a way to escape, or will he give up and die?

Secret Antarctic German Bases

Did the Germans build secret bases in the Antarctic to hide their work on flying saucers? Did German flying saucers defeat Admiral Byrd's Operation Highjump expedition to Antarctica to route the Germans? See and hear the story from a Russian viewpoint. Other documents and website support the Russian explanation.

Untested and Unproven

The Air Force has not had time to test its new supersonic space fighter, the F-N3. Suddenly Mason and Pat have to take it against the anomaly threatening our world. The orb is as large as our moon and full of enough atomic energy to disintegrate Earth. Will it destroy the F-N3 before the space fighter's crew destroys it? Is the F-N3's weapon system strong enough to win the battle?

Only Two Days Left

Trapped in a blizzard in the southwest desert, Pat has only two days to warn someone of Armageddon. But no one can hear him. How can he warn the world when it seems not even God is listening? Did God create the world and mankind and then walk away and leave us to fight for ourselves? Or does he watch over us and take care of us? Is God in control, or is He not hearing Pat's prayer? Wounded and sick, Pat barely has the strength to keep calling on the radio. Will anyone hear him?

Not Good Enough

Pat has been having evil thoughts about Scott, who is wooing Christine. Pat wants to become a Christian, but he feels he is too bad for God to forgive. Doesn't he know that God forgave King David for committing adultery with Bathsheba and having her husband Uriah killed to cover up his crime? That God forgave Saul for persecuting the church and having Christians killed, and that this same Saul became the great apostle, Paul? If we confess our sins, God is willing to forgive us (1 John 1:9).

The Cabal

A rumor abounds that for centuries a group of rich and powerful men controls what happens on Earth. This group works in secret and has more power than any nation's government or the United Nations. It influences the decisions made by the leaders and lawmakers of all nations in in regards to energy, space, even the rise and fall of nations. Aliens may be in control of its policies, and it gets its finances through drugs, international sex rings, and intergalactic slave trade. It's called The Cabal.

Armageddon Foretold

Pat is having bad dreams. He doesn't know it, but they are omens of a battle. The enemy is so powerful and fierce, with weapons too advanced for Earth to fight. Pat has to find Twin Mountains. He thinks salvation awaits him there. What he doesn't understand is that the enemy is carrying out its plans deep inside the Twin Mountains. Will Pat discover them in time?

Secret Space Programs

President Reagan wrote on June 11, 1985, "I learned that our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people." How is that possible when our space shuttles held fewer than 10 people? Ben Rich, the director of Lockheed's Skunk Works from 1975 to 1991, supposedly said in 1993, "We have enough technology to take ET home." via @sharethis

To Worship?

In Ouima's world, everything is pulling Pat away from God. He used to think he had no need for God, and he refused to listen when others tried to teach him. What is it about this service that makes him stop and think? What is it that he realizes? But is it too late for him to find God, especially when worshiping the true God will cost him his life?

First Test

Pat has to pass many tests if he wants to survive. The first test means giving up his U.S. and Earth citizenship. Will he do it? Can he pass the remaining tests and maintain his integrity? This test is his first realization of what he will have to do to stay alive. The worst part is that he is all alone, with no one to help him. Is anyone looking for him?

Do I Love My Dad?

A young man's identity and self-esteem are formed by the male figures in his life. His father plays the most important role. Many fathers love their children and do appropriate things to show their love. Sadly, other fathers don't care, are absent, or love their sons but don't know how to show that love. As a young man grows, searching for insights into his relationship with his father, his question may always be "Does my father love me?" If he feels neglected or forsaken by his father, his question then turns to "Do I love my father?"

Finding Her Heart


“Only True Love Can Help Allison Conquer Asperger's and Loneliness. Can She Find it?” Most people, at one time or another, have been knocked to their knees by loneliness. But Allison is lonely all the time, and it doesn’t help that she has to grow up with her Uncle Deb and Aunt Harriet in the woods where only the animals are her friends. The school counselor says she has Asperger’s Syndrome. Allison buries herself in her art. Desperate to escape her isolation in a small town, she leaves for college in Denver. She believes she will become a famous artist and find the love of her life. But life doesn’t happen as she planned, and she finds herself homeless. Then she meets David, whose blue eyes and kindness make her heart sing. He cares for her and woos her. She fits so nicely into his family and longs to be his wife. Does he love her, or does he have a dark secret that will dash all her hopes? Is life as simple as finding love? Or are there other lessons one must learn? Follow Allison as life takes her from bad to good, from hopelessness to hope, and learn how she finds true happiness and love. A must read for anyone who is lonely and looking for love.

Book Bubbles from Finding Her Heart

What Is Love?

First love. Exhilaration, excitement, hope, emotional ups and downs. Is that what love is supposed to feel like. Allison doesn't know. Gertie gives her sage advice, but she is still not sure. All she knows is that David can make her heart sing. Or he can send her to the lowest pits. Is this how love is supposed to feel? She doesn't know, so she schemes and plans ways to hold onto him. Will they work? Or is love right in front of her eyes, but she just can't see it? If you've every been desperately in love, you will understand her problems. See how she finds the answers she needs.

Is God All-powerful and Good?

God's plan is hard to understand. Allison wrestled with what has happened to her and what she thinks she must believe. Sometimes we all do. We haven't seen heaven. We've never seen God except in the Person of Jesus. We are far removed from the time He walked on Earth and performed miracles. What, then, do we have to hold onto? Only God's Word and the promise that Jesus makes. "In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I come again, and will receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also." John 14:2,3

Uncle Deb Says

How often I heard these words from my father while I was growing up, and now I hear them from others. They see people who call themselves Christians act in ways not becoming to our calling in Christ, and it gives them reason to criticize the church and those who profess to be Christians. Allison holds onto Uncle Deb's words, but will she continue believing them as she matures into a young woman? Or will she meet a friend who can show her the true way to walk righteously in Christ? What will it take to help her see Christians as God meant them to be?

God Has A Plan for You

"God has a plan for you," Uncle Deb said. Allison knew what that meant. Uncle Deb's plan was not what she wanted for herself. She had to get away from the prison of that little house in the woods, from the confinement of small-town Puttersville, and from a world where she felt unloved and unrecognized. She needed to find out where her artistic talents could take her. But most of all, she needed to find someone to love and understand her. What she didn't know was things aren't always what they seem. Her heart must travel many jagged paths in her quest. She risks everything she has, but does she find true love?

If God will take care of us...

Uncle Deb is a veteran, and loud noises frighten him. Allie doesn't understand his fear and tries to comfort him. While Uncle Deb reads and quotes verses from his Bible, they don't seem to do much to assuage his fear. That is so much like many who profess faith in God. Their head believes, but it is difficult to internalize their faith and trust. Unlike Jesus's disciples, we have not seen him calm the storm, heal the sick, and raise the dead back to life. All we can do is read about His miracles. Perhaps the old saying that seeing is believing is true when it comes to our faith, but real faith is not seeing and still believing.

Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome is a developmental disability. Children diagnosed with AS have normal language and cognitive abilities. Some persons with AS may excel in one skill, but they are often behind in motor skills and in emotional and social development. They do not understand social rules and conventions and do not know how to make friends. They need instruction in social skills. Allison paints beautiful pictures, but it's all she wants to do. Her classmates make fun of her, so she ignores them, and her school diagnoses her with AS. Does she have it, or is her personality formed from her childhood experiences? Can she overcome her inability to make friends and find a place where she can excel?

World Eternal: Proselytes

Science Fiction & Fantasy

In Book 2 of the World Eternal series, Ouima has kept his promises. The people of Earth are housed, fed, and taken care of. But something is wrong. When Jim and his friends learn World Eternal's secret, they know the world is in grave danger. World Eternal's promises come with a high price, but Jim doesn't know how big a price until he loses what he holds most dear--his family. Can he rescue them? What price will James, Nell, Jim, and their fellow Christians have to pay for their faith? This exciting story strengthens your resolve to follow Jesus.

Book Bubbles from World Eternal: Proselytes

A Great Price

It's easy to be a preacher's kid. Or is it? Jim has stepped into manhood, an existence filled with challenges and fear. He finds himself in a fight for his life and the lives of his family and everyone he holds dear. How can he fight back against a force from another world, a force ruled by God's enemies? With no place to live and no family, he is on his own. How far will he go to fight World Eternal and its leader, Ouima? What will he have to do? All he knows is that he can't give up.

Underground Bases

Jim and Pat learn that World Eternal has underground bases that go down many levels. World Eternal uses them to train its prisoners and to torture them if they don't obey Ouima. They find Jim's dad, John, and Gary among the captives in such a base. Jim has to save them, but doing so means joining the ranks of prisoners. Even if he and Pat infiltrate the army of captives, it doesn't mean they can grab them from Ouima's clutches. Jim and Pat don't know the half of what Ouima has in store for those who defy him.


Preacher James Darden barely survives the tortures of the enemy. In real life, Satan is our enemy constantly hurling his weapons at us--discouragement, fear, feelings of worthlessness and failure, illness, problems with relationships, and death. But Christ has died that we might live in Him and overcome any darts the devil throws at us. Through Jesus we can always be victors. James tells Jim the only way he survived, and it did not involve killing his tormentors.

Bases on Our Moon?

Many people believe that our government has bases on our moon. Some Ufologists say that alien species have built bases on our moon, and they have been there for a long time. Look here: if you want to know more. In my book Jim and Pat learn about an alien base on the moon. When they learn who is there and why, they gain clues that lead them to a mystery that exposes the villains. Or are the bad guys the good guys?

Jim's Cross

Jesus said, "He who does not take his cross and follow after me is not worthy of me (Matt. 10:38). When Jim finds the church's cross buried in dirt and leaves, he shoulders it and places it beside the church door. It is a signal of hope and salvation. Passers-by who see it know the church is a refuge from Ouima. For Jim that cross symbolizes the burden he has of fighting Ouima, finding the language code book owner, and rescuing his father and John and Gary. He has no one to rely upon for help except God.

Standing for Your Faith

Nearly every day we read or hear about atrocities Christians in other lands must endure. We shake our heads. Maybe we say a prayer for them. Then we sit in our safe, cozy churches and praise God. He has kept us and protected us. Perhaps sooner than we think Christians in America will be persecuted for their faith. What will we do? Will we be able to stand firm and hold onto our beliefs? What will Jim do? Follow him to see how he fights for his faith and his family.

Our Religious Freedoms

The fight for religious freedom has been part of the history of mankind. One can recall the Christians' struggle under the Roman Empire and the brave men who gave their lives during the Reformation to have God's Word translated so the common people could read it. Many Americans take their religious freedom for granted. The right to practice what we believe is God's will is gradually being taken away from us by our government. How much longer before Congress passes laws curtailing more of our religious freedoms? Will Christians stand by and accept these laws, or will they work to change them?

Lies and Spies

Ouima appoints United States President Holden Garner as president of Earth Council, a special group within the United Nations that rules the world. The world must join World Eternal in fighting THEM, the Haters of Everyone Mortal. The people's duty is to report anyone who does anything suspicious to the World Eternal police. But who determines what is suspicious? James is fearful. Didn't Jesus say that a man's foes shall be those of his own household? So were the early Christians spied upon, lied about, and persecuted. What was going to happen to Christians if they didn't obey World Eternal?

World Eternal: Promises

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Can Christians believe in extraterrestrials? Preacher James Darden doesn't, but he has to preach about them. Then they come. They lavish their promises and presents on the people of Earth. Only then do James and the Christians he leads learn what the aliens want. His son Jim, a student at CU Boulder, and Jim's roommate Pat work with the U.S. government to learn the aliens' secret. When they find out, can they warn the world and their fellow Christians in time? Or will their efforts prove futile? Who will win, James and the Christians he leads or Ouima, leader of World Eternal?

Book Bubbles from World Eternal: Promises

God or Ouima?

Chris, one of the church elders, believes that World Eternal (WE) must be connected to God since they are giving the people of Earth so many good things. Preacher James knows that God is the giver of all good gifts (James 1:17). He also knows that God hasn't said we will have peace and prosperity just because we are Christians. In fact, Jesus said we would be persecuted for following Him (John 15:20, 21). Will church members turn from God to accept Ouima's gifts?

Earth's Choice

Ouima gives the people of Earth a choice. Earth leaders can choose World Eternal's promises of health and wealth for all and join World Eternal's galactic union of planets. If Earth refuses WE's invitation, THEM (the Haters of Everyone Mortal) will conquer Earth, make slaves of its people, and plunder Earth's natural resources. Earth will be no more. World Eternal and its leader, Ouima, really want what's good for Earth and its people? Or are they the enemy?

GMOs and UFOs

In World Eternal: Promises, preacher James Darden begs his church members and other Christians, “Please don’t eat World Eternal foods and plant their seeds.” They think he’s crazy, especially when his only reason is “They don’t come from God.” Then church members Christine Brown and Marcy Matton, students at Texas Plains Christian University, learn that the World Eternal plants and seeds have been genetically altered. What will these genetically modified seeds do to other seeds, or worse yet, to Earth’s people?

Crop Circles

Every year hundreds of intricate designs show up in fields around the world. Researchers do not know who made them or what they mean. World Eternal: Promises opens with star formations enclosing religious symbols appearing around the world. Unlike crop circles, they are not made in grain. They come just as the world faces the possibility of World War III. Just like crop circles, they have a meaning. Will Jim discover their message? Go here for more info on crop circles:

Christians and Extraterrestrials

Should Christians believe that God made other planets inhabited by intelligent life? If they exist, how might they interact with us? Does God interact with them? Preacher James Darden does not believe in extraterrestrials, but he has to preach about them. What should he say? As he ponders his sermon, signs are appearing...signs that we may not be alone.

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