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Love's Promises


Love's Promises is the second book in the Davina and Quinn series. Join Davina and Quinn on their honeymoon as they go on tour to promote Quinn's latest film. Davia is pulled into the world of red carpet events, designer clothing, and jet-setting across the continent. She takes it all in stride as long as she has Quinn by her side. He promised her she'd get to go home. But when? It's the premiere of Quinn's latest romantic comedy. The couple is excited to see the movie and enjoy all that the night has to offer. The lights go down, the film begins, and soon Davina finds herself watching her husband make love to another woman on the silver screen. He lied. Quinn's broken one promise. How many more will he break? Davina first husband cheated. She won't let Quinn do the same. Guy Tremblant has escaped. Instead of returning to France, he now watches Davina and Quinn, waiting and plotting. What does he have in mind for the couple? Will he have his revenge? Will he win Davina's love? Will he be successful this time? Love's Promises follows the whirlwind love story of Davina and Quinn. Their love is easy. It's Life that keeps throwing hurdles in their way. Will they reach their happily ever after?

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Have You Ever Fallen In Love Unexpectedly?

Davina's heart was once filled with the fear of losing Quinn to a new love, a fear that seemed inevitable given his youth and charm. But with the arrival of their twins, a profound shift occurred. The love she once feared now became the love she cherished most--Quinn's love for their children. This week, we welcomed our fourth grandchild into our family. What a wonderful feeling it is to see a newborn for the first time—perfect in every way. We all took turns holding him in our arms, admiring his face and comparing him to his siblings. I think he looks like his brother. Once again, our hearts have been captured by a new life. And soon, he will come to know the depth of love that surrounds him, a love that is as boundless as the sky.

Does A Kiss Make You Weak at the Knees?

What's in a kiss? A kiss has many uses. It soothes a booboo when your child hurts. A kiss welcomes and says goodbye. A kiss says I love you, and a kiss leads to passion. A kiss seals a promise. Quinn's kiss makes Davina weak in the knees. He promised that his kiss was only for her. Did he keep his promise?

What Do You Love About Being Loved?

Being loved and loving someone in return is the most incredible feeling in the world. It doesn't have to be love at first sight, like Davina's and Quinn's, although that type of love is spectacular. It's knowing you are loved by a special someone and how it makes you feel. It's all the ways you can see their love for you - their smile, a wink, a caress. Or a hug and the three words that mean so much, "I love you." Whether you're a lover, a parent, or a grandparent, the love you receive can make you fall in love all over again.

Tell Me What You Love About Me

When you fall in love with someone, can you put into words what you love about them? Is it just a feeling that you know that this person is the one? Or, do specific traits come to mind that you can talk about endlessly? In Forever Love, Davina knows why Quinn is the love of her life, and she has no problem telling him.

When a Cow Wants What it Wants

When a cow wants what it wants, there's no stopping it. Don't put yourself between it and its goal because you'll lose, and you may hurt more than your dignity. I wrote this scene six years ago. It's funny that this scene made it into our family life. One day, this past fall, the men were sorting cattle. My adult son took it upon himself to block a heifer (female cow) from running past him. The heifer swung her head and hit the back of his hand, breaking several bones. His injury was more severe than Quinn's, and he had to wear a cast for a few weeks. Although it wasn't as humorous an incident as what Quinn experienced, we still chuckle when we think of that heifer and her swinging head.

Do You Need Junk Food When You Fly?

What are your must-haves when travelling. Whether it's by bus, plane, or train, what do you have to have to make the trip survivable? Flying isn't what it used to be, and freebies are mostly a thing of the past unless you like salted pretzels or a handful of salted nuts. Having a carry-on bag full of snacks is part of the flying experience. My heroine, Davina Thomas, has to have junk food whenever she flies. Red licorice, chocolate, mints, chips, and bottled water. She needs something to nibble while she reads through the stack of celebrity magazines she purchased. Davina offers to share with Quinn, but only if he doesn't tease her about her stash. She gobbles up the celebrity gossip while she chews on a stick of licorice. It's not until she finds herself in the celebrity magazines she realizes how fabricated the stories are. I confess that I am a junk food flyer, and Davina's must-haves are the same as mine. I always bring enough to share with my hubby. Sharing snacks helps pass the time, and we take this time to discuss what each of us has been reading. Once our snack time ends, we continue reading until it's time for another snack.

Do You Have Unwritten Rules

Davina has unwritten rules, rules her husband discovers while on their honeymoon. Quinn finds the rules entertaining instead of irksome. Families usually have unwritten rules when playing board games and the like. They know how to play the game their way, but what about a newcomer? What's it like for them? As a writer, I have unwritten rules that I follow. I use the Oxford comma (it's a bone of contention with many). I write my first draft without spellcheck or grammar-check. I don't want to correct myself while the story comes to life. I have to clear off my desk before I work on a novel. No distractions. As a reader, I have expectations of a book. I want the grammar and spelling to be as close to perfect as possible (excluding dialogue - who speaks perfectly?). I expect the storyline to be exciting and throw one or two surprises at me. I want the characters to be flawed and believable. I like the book to be a story that I can't put down until it's finished. I want the stories and characters to stay with me long after the final chapter. Do you have unwritten rules that others have to follow? What do you think about others having unwritten rules? I'd love to know.

Love's Farewell

Literature & Fiction

Whose arms would you want to hold you in a love's farewell?

Foxx O'Connell is dying.

As the thorn in the side of Quinn Thomas, O'Connell's final request will deliver his ultimate revenge … to die in the arms of Davina Stuart Thomas, Quinn's beloved wife.
Will he get the chance to get the better of Quinn?
Will Davina choose Foxx over Quinn?
Will Davina bring comfort to Foxx or remind him of a life of regrets?

Even after the happily ever after ending, there is still more to the lovers' story.

Love's Farewell is a short story that brings devoted readers into a deeper layer with the main characters. For all, it's about love, death, dying, and saying goodbye one last time.

For new readers, Love's Farewell introduces you to the main characters in the Davina and Quinn series. You'll witness the strength and compassion of Davina, and you'll feel the emotions that she stirs within Quinn.

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Love's Farewell

Literature & Fiction

Whose arms would you want to hold you in a love's farewell?

Foxx O'Connell is dying.

As the thorn in the side of Quinn Thomas, O'Connell's final request will deliver his ultimate revenge … to die in the arms of Davina Stuart Thomas, Quinn's beloved wife.

Will he get the chance to get the better of Quinn?
Will Davina choose Foxx over Quinn?
Will Davina bring comfort to Foxx or remind him of a life of regrets?

Even after the happily ever after ending, there is still more to the lovers' story.
Love's Farewell is a short story that brings devoted readers into a deeper layer with the main characters.

For all, it's about love, death, dying, and saying goodbye one last time.

For new readers, Love's Farewell introduces you to the main characters in the Davina and Quinn series. You'll witness the strength and compassion of Davina, and you'll feel the emotions that she stirs within Quinn.

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How are You at Lying?

When it comes to lying, are you a pro, or would your nose grow like Pinocchio's if you had one? Are tiny white lies okay, or are you known for telling the truth and nothing but the truth? What if someone told you a lie? How would you react? How much of the truth can be bent before you say enough? We all have a tolerance for lies. It depends on who is telling a lie and what the lie is. My adorable three-year-old granddaughter got caught in a lie. She denied lying, claiming she believed in herself; that was all that mattered to her. Oh my.

Love's Final Farewell

Foxx O'Connell is dying. His last request is to die in Davina's arms, the wife of Quinn Thomas. Is Quinn wrong to say no? Is Foxx trying one last time to come between Quinn and Davina?

Love's Farewell

Book Bubbles from Love's Farewell

Love's Farewell

Book Bubbles from Love's Farewell

Love's Farewell

Book Bubbles from Love's Farewell

Love's Challenges


Love's Challenges is the fourth and final book in the Davina and Quinn series. Readers catch up with Jack Thomas, Quinn and Davina's 25-year-old son, the lead singer in the band Dragon Slayers. Jack is the perfect rock star. He's got his father's movie-star looks and his mother's smile. He's got everything his heart desires except for the woman who haunts his dreams. A chance encounter in a cafe and Jack knows he's found her. Jack invites Molly to his concert. He woos her with his songs, singing directly to her from center stage. Pulled in, Molly knows it's the beginning of a perfect date. And then it happens, Jack takes off his shirt and lets the monsters loose, unaware of Molly's fear of tattoos. Molly flees, and the challenge begins. Will Jack's steely determination and patience be enough to win Molly's heart? Will Molly find the hero she needs to save her from the ghosts that haunt her from a family tragedy? Will Molly accept that the man of her dreams could be the man of her nightmares? Follow Jack and Molly as they face many challenges-some faced alone, and others faced as a couple as they embark on their modern-day fairy tale love story.

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Not Just Another Coffee Shop Romance

Coffee shop romances. We all know someone who met their significant other at a coffee shop, whether on a first date after meeting on a dating app or when they bumped into each other while buying coffee. Coffee shops are safe public places and usually serve great coffee. I've always had a great Americano. Coffee shops sometimes have a romantic atmosphere with comfy seating, lighting, and views. Some have fireplaces with seating for two. In Love's Challenges, the lovers first meet at a coffee shop. There's a downpour outside, and the hero asks to sit at the heroine's table while he waits out the storm. From there on, there is an instant attraction. Sparks fly. What follows is not just another coffee shop romance.

Do Your Tattoos Tell a Story?

Do you have tattoos? Do you have one, or is your body covered in ink? Are they individual, stand-alone tattoos or part of a theme? Recently, while on holiday, I had the opportunity to people-watch, although I was more interested in their tattoos. Most women had flowers and vines on their arms and legs and a mish-mash of art on their backs. One woman had a beautiful wolf taking up her entire thigh. Men were likelier to have tribal bands circling their biceps or full sleeves of ink. I spoke with one man at the pool who knew I was tattoo-watching. He had two tattoos on his arm. He purchased them for a few quid many years ago. They weren't anything special, just something he wanted to do when he was in his late teens many years ago. By the way, I don't have any tattoos, although they fascinate me.

Thank You For Asking Me to Write You a Story

There are moments in my writing career that I will never forget. I remember my first novel, my first five-star review, and my first book sale. However, what stands out most to me was the day I was messaging my youngest daughter, Tiegan, while she was at university. Maroon 5 and Adam Levine's tattoos were part of the discussion. Then, out of the blue, Tiegan asked me to write her a story. I don't know if she wanted a short story or a romance novel. She didn't say. She wanted me to write something for her with a musician and tattoos. And so I did. That afternoon I had three chapters written. By the end of the year, I had written Family Pictures. In 2022, I rewrote the novel and released it as Love's Challenges. I know that if it weren't for Tiegan asking me to write her a story, Love's Challenges wouldn't have been published. Thank you, Tiegan.

Dedicating to My Writing Muse

While working at my computer, I had an online chat with my youngest daughter who was away at university. We then talked about Maroon 5 and how I was fascinated with Adam Levine, the lead singer, and his tattoos. From that conversation, she asked me to write her a story, and I decided on writing Jack's story, which became Love's Challenges.

Do You Need to be Plugged in to Survive?

Imagine being on a Caribbean island without any connection to the outside world? Would you suffer social media withdrawal, pacing the beach and waving at passing ships, yelling, "Get me out of here!" Or, would you accept your isolation without complaint and enjoy your surroundings? I would make the most of my isolation by reading many books or writing a new story.

How Important is Your Privacy to You?

This week, the topic of conversation has been about celebrities' privacy. How much should stars share with the public? Do they need to share everything, making their lives an open book? Or are they allowed to keep some things private? What is Joe Public entitled to know? In my Davina & Quinn series, Davina tries her best to keep her family life private. She doesn't give interviews unless they are about her books. In Love's Challenges, her son Jack tries to keep his mother's health issues private, but his secrecy creates a rift in the band. His aloofness and time away from the band make them think he's going solo. No matter the reason, keeping secrets almost led to the destruction of something that meant the world to him.

Do You Believe in Soul Mates?

Finding one's soul mate is a term we hear or read about every once in a while. They do exist on a variety of levels. There is the romantic soul mate, the kindred soul mate, the companion soul mate, to name a few. Finding your soul mate can happen during any stage of your life. The question is, do you convince the other that you are soul mates or do you both discover your connection at the exact moment? Romance would say it would happen at the same time. What do you think?

Do You Haunt Your Local Coffee Shop?

Coffee shops. Every small town has at least one. They are where we meet to catch up on the latest gossip with our friends. They are convenient for having meetings when an office atmosphere isn't necessary. They also provide a much-needed escape from the busyness of home. Many writers can only write in their local coffee shop. Coffee shops are also the perfect locale for people-watching and meeting new people. Perhaps a new love interest. Do you haunt your locale shop, and have you met anyone special?

Love's Games

Literature & Fiction

Book Bubbles from Love's Games

Love's Games


Hollywood heartthrob Quinn Thomas has everything to make his life complete, but he wants more. Quinn tests his wife's love, even though he knows she's not into playing games. He puts it all on the line--his family, his friends, and his reputation. Will Quinn, and if he does, at what cost to everyone involved?

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Love Dinos & Peanut Butter Stories?

Dinosaurs and peanut butter? What kind of story would that be? What genre? Or could it fit into more than one? I'm sure authors often hear, "I love your work, but have you ever considered writing about...?" Their answers vary from "No. I only write in this genre." Or, the answer is, "What a great idea. I haven't thought about that, but I'm working on something different from my writing. I'm sure you'll love it." What's your answer?

Do You Play Games to Get What You Want?

Playing games. We all do it in some form or another. We play to win, to have fun, or both. Winning is fun. At least, it should be. In Love's Games, Quinn plays a game he cannot win. But what if he did? Would winning justify the risk of losing everything?

Can Lovers be Fighters?

In Love's Games, Davina allows Quinn to play the hero by fighting his nemesis, Foxx. Does Quinn deserve the boost to his ego? Or should Davina have let her movie star husband only win his battles on the silver screen?

Breast cancer targeted Davi then hit me

Little did I know that when my heroine Davi battled breast cancer, I would find myself fighting the same battle. And like Davi, I didn't stress about the diagnosis. I had faith in my medical team when they told me the cancer was found early and that my cancer was the most common form of breast cancer. When my oncologist called my cancer slow and lazy, I knew that cancer wouldn't win this battle. I believe my loved ones were more stressed about my diagnosis than I was. They worried about me, especially after seeing my breast after the surgery. Would it ever heal? Yes, it will. However, it will take time. Fortunately, I have the patience for the healing process and my hubby's support. It seems that Davi and I have a lot in common.

Do You Make Light of Heavy Moments?

Do you make light of heavy moments? Do you make a joke or laugh even when you are terrified? When given bad news, what's your first reaction? Do you run through every possible scenario before you let yourself react? Or do you respond and then think later? Does it depend on the situation, or are your reactions the same no matter what? Calm, cool and collected are my go-to's for reacting, but lately, it's not been easy for my heroine or me.

Life on the Farm

There's always something happening on our farm. Cows are getting fed, milked, or having babies. One day this week, we had five calves born. It was as though the cows decided to have a birthing party as they chewed their cud in the maternity pen. During the morning, five cows went into labour. Two delivered, then one, then two. Our vet student watched over the cows, excited to be a part of the birthing. She reminded me of Quinn & Davina's children, filled with awe and wonder over the arrival of a new calf.

Are You Into Water Play?

We're heading into summer when those with a swimming pool or lake to swim in can splash to their heart's content. So many games come to mind: Marco Polo, water tag, and cannonball dives. Soaking bystanders watching from the safety of the pool deck or beach is a bonus to the water play. There's no resisting the chance to soak someone who doesn't want to get wet. Are you a splasher? I'll admit that I'm one.

Adventures in Visiting a Dairy Barn

There's never a dull moment when visiting a dairy barn. We may find a cow giving birth or a newborn calf that has entered the world without our assistance. Sometimes there may be a new litter of kittens that excites all of us. Then there are the things that need our attention: the cows are out of feed or worse, the cows are loose! Regardless of age, there is nothing better than witnessing the arrival of a newborn calf or kitten, and the event is always newsworthy.

School is Hard When You're a Farmkid

Our two eldest grandkids are farm crazy. It's not a surprise since they fit in a visit to the farm most days. Our eldest granddaughter loves the cows. Our grandson is crazy over the machinery. He wants to sit in every tractor, truck, and combine. He knows where we park every machine on the farm and its use. He knows his crops and his seasons. Fall is most likely his favourite season because we harvest corn silage. He and his sister love to watch the harvester, the big trucks, and the tractors as they all do their part in the harvest. Unfortunately, silage harvest happens during the first week of school. Even now, in the winter, we wonder if he'll insist on staying home so that he doesn't miss the harvest. I'm pretty confident that he'll be here watching.

How Do You Stat Your Morning?

How do you start your morning? Do you have to have a cup of high-octane coffee before you are ready to face the world? Do your loved ones and co-workers know not to bother you until your mug is empty? Every morning, I fill up my extra-large mug (I have a few) and head into the writing cave. All of my book characters start their mornings with coffee. Drinking coffee gives them something to do while speaking or mulling over a problem. In Love's Games, my heroine Davina concentrates on the mug of coffee she has brought Foxx instead of his naked body dripping wet from an early morning swim in the lake. She's started her morning happy. What happens when her coffee goes cold? Does her morning improve, or does it get tossed like her coffee?

Forever Love: Book 1


On a flight to Los Angeles, California, Davina Stuart, farmer and best selling author, discovers that her seatmate is Quinn Thomas, Hollywood heartthrob and leading man in her latest fantasies. Three hours of in-flight speed dating and Quinn's in love. Davina is not so sure. She'd settle for a one-night stand. Does love at first sight happen? Can a mile high romance lead to love? Their whirlwind romance takes everyone by surprise except the two lovers. Quinn knows that Davina is the woman for him. He's seen her in his dreams. Davina can't fight the attraction or the feeling that they were meant to be together. It was in the cards. Unfortunately, Quinn is not the only man who falls in love with Davina at first sight. Guy Tremblant, the director of Quinn's latest film, also believes he is destined to be with Davina. He is used to getting what and who he wants and will stop at nothing to win the heart of Davina Stuart. Undeterred by Quinn and Davina's marriage, Guy pursues Davina, vowing to make her his no matter what he has to do to make it happen. Little did Quinn and Davina know that their forever love would be put to the test; a life and death test.

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Do You Have an Airport Fantasy?

Airports are fertile ground for the imagination. There's drama, suspense, comedy and romance all around. All you have to do is pay attention. I once watched a couple kiss goodbye. Neither one could let go of the other as they gazed into each other's eyes and kissed. Corny, right? Yes, but genuine romance at its best. In Forever Love, Davina fantasizes about meeting the Hollywood heartthrob she sees at the airport. Her mind goes into overdrive as she thinks about his movies' effect on her. Imagine sitting next to him on the plane. What would she do? Read Forever Love to find out.

How are You at First Dates?

When it comes to making a great first impression on a first date, mastering the art of conversation can be essential. Engaging in thoughtful, interesting dialogue can help you connect with your date and show them that you're genuinely interested in getting to know them. So, whether you're a natural conversationalist or tend to get tongue-tied, it's essential to come prepared with some topics of conversation in mind. Doing so will keep the conversation flowing smoothly and hopefully spark a real connection with your date. Chances are you know something about your date since you agreed to meet them. Was there something in their bio that interested you? Their job, their special interests, their pets? What about sports? It's playoff season in hockey, the opening season in baseball, and F1 racing is in full gear. Movies and tv shows? There has to be something you both watch. If not, ask what they watch and like about the show or genre. Travel? Compare places on your bucket list. Most importantly, listen to what your date says. Refrain from thinking of what you'll say next. You may miss an important tidbit about them. Follow their lead; if they are quiet, be bold and steer the conversation if you feel the silence is too much. Most of all, relax and have fun.

Are You Ready to Fly Again?

Davina Stuart had a feeling of foreboding when she walked through the airport. For her, it was embarking on an adventure, flying to LA and meeting with the cast of the movie based on her best-seller book. Today, her feeling of foreboding could come from other factors: how long will it take her to get through airport security and customs? Will her flight be delayed, or worse, cancelled? Will her luggage make the trip with her, or will it stay behind? I'm sure that the latest horror stories about air travel are causing many of us to re-think our summer travel plans. Will the odds be in our favour or against us if we decide to fly? What are your thoughts on flying this summer?

Do You Give Your Loved Ones Nicknames?

Do you give your loved ones special names? Are these words on your list: sweetie, honey, dear, sweetheart, or babe? Or do you have a name that has meaning only for the two of you? Also, do you use the endearment in public, or is it saved for special moments? We can learn a lot about people and book characters by the names they use for their partners. Would you agree?

Do You Have an Adventure Waiting for You?

In Forever Love, Davina looks out at the tarmac from her airplane window and wonders at the adventures waiting for the passengers on the other planes. Little does she know that she is about to embark on the adventure of her life. She finds herself speed-dating a Hollywood heartthrob and so much more (no spoilers). When you travel, do you daydream about what adventures you may find? Do you fantasize about meeting a celebrity, falling in love, or experiencing something you never imagined? I'm guilty of having a daydream or two. It makes travelling all the more exciting, and it gives me material for my novels.

Are You in Need of Me Time?

Me Time - the time you take to look after yourself, whether it's a mental time out, a physical workout, or some pampering (shopping or spa day). In Forever Love, Davina asks for some Me Time the day before her wedding. She looks forward to a day of pampering - a massage, a mani-pedi, and time to relax. Since Davina met Quinn Thomas, her life has been moving at hyper speed. She needs it to stop, if only for one day. Where I live, we've been in some form of lockdown for a year. I haven't socialized except for telephone calls and Zoom calls. My last haircut was in September 2020. I can't remember when I last treated myself to a mani-pedi or visited the gym. Me Time is a distant memory. I look forward to the day we are all vaccinated and can resume rewarding ourselves with Me Time. I dream of celebrating finishing writing a book by treating myself to a day at the spa. I yearn for meeting with friends and family for coffee, lunch or dinner. What about you? What is your Me Time? When was the last time you were able to give yourself that special time?

Listening to Your Heart

When making important, life-changing decisions, do you listen to your heart, or does your brain have the final vote? Do your heart and head have to agree, or does the situation determine which has more sway - your heart or your head? Regarding romance, sometimes our brain tells us to think long and hard and then walk away. Sometimes it warns the heart to slow down before committing, even though the head is relatively sure that the heart is right. In my novels, the head is the last to commit to love. There are always reasons, most of them logical. However, there is no fighting what the heart wants, and love always seems to win.

Fall in Love with a Farmer

It's true. My mother loved the farm life, and when I met my future husband, she hoped we'd get married. I'm not sure what it was about farming that my mother loved. She was an avid gardener and spent countless hours working the soil and nurturing her plants. We had horses, and though she wasn't keen on riding, she was comfortable working around them. Maybe it was the lifestyle that she admired. She believed farmers to be hard workers (they are) and good people (we try). She loved the idea of her grandchildren growing up on a farm, the fresh air, the freedom to play outside and learn about animals, machinery and plants. She was proud that our kids could tell her what was happening on the farm and what crops we planted in our fields. Although Mom is no longer with us, I think of her when our grandson talks about the farm and how proud she would be that he's another farmer in the making.

Do You Kiss and Tell?

Do you keep your private life close to your chest, or do you tell the world all about it? Do you like to know what goes on in a celebrity's love life, or do you believe that what goes on behind closed doors should remain there? No one needs to know. Quinn and Davina find themselves frequently in the public's eye. They'll be affectionate in public, but that's all they are willing to share. Starlets Quinn has dated may want to share secrets about him, but Davi intends to keep those secrets to herself. What she has with Quinn is hers and hers alone. One of the threads that connect my series is keeping secrets and revealing them. It's only now, as I'm revising the series that I see how strong that thread is; secrets kept and told, promises made and broken. Revealing a secret or breaking a promise--does it cause irreparable harm to the relationship, or is it easily forgiven? Forever Love is the thread's start, and I invite readers to see it unravel throughout the series.

In the News? Must be True

If you read or hear something in the news, do you automatically believe that it's true? The last few years have shown us how it's easy to call the news fake when it's not and call it correct when it's the opposite. The hero of Forever Love is a celebrity. Quinn's been gossiped about on all the entertainment news platforms, and paparazzi continuously follow him. He has no control over the truth. Davina knows this. She's smart and knows what to believe when it comes to the Hollywood heartthrob who has recently come into her life. Our heroine knows the tabloids are guessing who Quinn is dating because it's her. This scene is only the beginning for Davina. She finds her newfound fame exposes her to the untruths in the press, forcing her to learn how to deal with it.

Admitting You're an Author

Admitting you are an author. For some, it's hard to do. For others, it comes as naturally as breathing. "I'm an author. I have published a book." My heroine, Davina, has trouble admitting that she's an author. She's published a bestseller that is now destined for Hollywood, and yet, she can't talk about her book. What else does she need to convince herself that she can write? As an author, it's easy to know what she's thinking. I've been there. Am I a one-hit-wonder? Will my books be well-received? Will they sell? Will I ever come up with another story idea? Fortunately, I can ignore my doubts for a few moments and continue to write. Whether it's a blog, a short story, or a novel, I have stories to tell. And yes, I am an author.

We Don't Always Get to Choose Our Seatmate

When I travel by plane, I usually have my husband as my seatmate. We chat, share snacks, or enjoy the silence as we read our books or watch an inflight movie. Sometimes, I travel solo, and I have shared the flight with a stranger sitting beside me. There are no snacks to be passed back and forth and usually no conversation other than the polite exchange of hellos. Once, my seatmate made telephone calls during most of the flight, unaware or not caring that those around him could hear the one-sided conversations. He was loud, rude, and extremely annoying. I wore my noise-cancelling headphones the entire flight, thankful that his voice became a continuous dull hum. In Forever Love, Davina's first thought about her seatmate is that he's going to ignore her the entire flight. He may be a famous actor, gorgeous, and the man of her fantasies, but the way he first treats her makes a terrible impression. It is not until later that Davina discovers what her seatmate honestly thought of her when he first sat beside her.

Romance and Adventure

When was the last time you were on a plane? When did you last experience an incredible adventure? If you're like me and living in the year 2020, chances are you haven't been on a plane or travelled far from home. Our adventures have had to adapt. Now we read books, watch countless shows on pay-tv, or stare out the window and daydream. In Forever Love, our heroine Davina Stuart stares out at the tarmac from inside the airplane, and the wheels of her imagination start to turn. Is it another romance she's thinking of? And then, unexpectedly, Quinn Thomas, the actor who has made several appearances in her fantasies, is her seatmate. From dream to reality, what an adventure!



Dr. Jules Montgomery needed a hero for just one night. Dane Andrews, Boss to his men, had only one rule—never mess with any woman in his home town. All it took was a stranger’s arms wrapped around his neck, and her soft, warm lips whispering in his ear, "Help a girl out. Your name's Gary, and you're my boyfriend," for Boss to break his rules. Boss quickly stepped into the role of hero and fantasy boyfriend, finding it impossible to say no to the mesmerizing beautiful redhead. He played Gary to her Red. For one night only, they belonged to each other, fulfilling each other’s fantasies. Five years later, fate and a redheaded four-almost five-year-old named Becca reunite them once again. Their lives have taken different paths, although neither has forgotten the other. Jules returns to her home town to reconcile with her aunt, only to discover that her aunt is the housekeeper to Boss, a man with an occupation that goes against everything Jules holds dear. Boss is considered a hero by those who know him, although he now needs a service dog by the name of Lucky to keep him safe. Together, man and dog become the heroes that Jules needs once again to keep her and her family safe for more than one night.

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Telling My Story Within a Story

When asked where I get the ideas for my stories from, I answer, "My life." The answer may be too simple, but it's true. My life experiences provide me with excellent writing material. I was born out west, where the Rocky Mountains were rarely out of sight. I have ridden on a trail ride through the Rockies, and our family pony was called Peanuts. It was an unruly beast, a challenge for the kids to ride. I'm a cowgirl who loves the farm life, cows, and horses, and I admire the men who work with them.

Heart of Gold or Pretty Face

What's your hero type? Does he have to have a pretty face, or do you look for what's in his heart? Dane Andrews isn't a pretty boy. His face bears the scars of a man whose past has known battle. And yet, he has a heart of gold, putting his life on the line for those who need him. Will Jules Montgomery let herself see the real man behind the scars?

Are There People Who Get On Your Nerves?

Some people can't help it. They get on other people's nerves. Something about them may seem normal to them but not to others. They may have a creepy stare, a crazy laugh, or a way of moving that unnerves those around them. I love that Boss's right-hand man gets on Jules' nerves. Bates is a large man, hard to miss, but he has the knack of sneaking up on Jules, unnerving her. Little did I know that he'd make his way into my next book, Bates, and show his true self.

Redheads are Quick-Tempered. True or False?

Are you a redhead? Have you been asked what they say about redheads is true? Are redheads quick-tempered, emotional, and insatiable in bed? Whether the assumptions are valid, redheads make great characters in romance novels. Their presence can make a scene on so many levels. The author only has to mention redhead, and the reader fills in the blanks with their preconceived ideas. True or false?

Christmas Trees

Have you noticed all the posts of Christmas trees on social media? I love to look at how people decorate their trees, especially when they mention a family tradition that goes along with the tree. There's something about the lights and decorations, especially the tree topper, that gives me that warm feeling inside. Is it a touch of nostalgia for Christmases past? Childhood memories? Or new memories to be made? For me, it's for the here and now with my family, especially my grandchildren who believe in the magic of Santa. Merry Christmas.

Fairy Tale Endings, Are They Real?

Fairy tale endings, are they for real? Do people find their soulmates and live happily ever after, or have a short and sweet happy for now ending? If fairy tale endings exist, what does happily ever after mean? I'm sure that we all have different answers for what happily ever after means, especially when we consider where we are in our life. Love, desire, and adventure may be the answer for the young at heart. Children, job security, and a loving relationship may apply to older couples. And for the seasoned lovers who've spent most of their lives as a couple, financial security, grandchildren, and travelling may be their happily ever after. I believe in happily ever after endings. If I didn't, I wouldn't write romance. As far as my happily ever after ending goes, I'm still living mine with my hubby.

You Don't Have to Do Everything Alone

When I wrote this scene, I referenced the heroine's determination to handle her troubles by herself even though she had a friend offering to lighten the burden. She is stubborn and used to dealing with her problems alone. Reading this excerpt, I think of the last year and how we have had to figure out how to survive various lockdowns. We've kept our distance from friends and family. Our shopping habits and our workout habits have changed. Our lives have changed. And, through all of this, have we carried the burden alone, or have we asked a friend for help? Sometimes, all it takes is a phone call or text, "Hey, I'm feeling low, care to send me something funny? Or, How are you? Do you have time for a Zoom call and coffee? I know of friends who are hitting the wall; the isolation and distancing are too much. Plans for holidays and special celebrations keep getting delayed. They ache, in need of a physical hug from a friend or loved one. Virtual hugs have lost their power, and all we can offer is an ear to listen and a heart to care until we can give a physical hug and a helping hand to let them know they aren't alone.

Can Dancing Lead to Falling in Love?

In Boss, Dane leads Jules to the dance floor to fool another man into believing that they are a couple. Dane likes the feel of Jules in his arms, the way her soft curves fit perfectly against his body. He dances with her as long as he can, realizing that this is no ordinary woman and that he wants to be with her. Is it love at first sight? Does the music have anything to do with them falling for each other? While they move to the music, holding each other, taking in the feel of each other's body, and inhaling their scent, there's bound to be a reaction of a romantic kind.

Coffee and Romance

Coffee. It's a versatile beverage. You can drink it in many ways: hot, iced, black, with cream, milk of various kinds, with sugar or without. You can drink it from a paper cup, a mug, a travel mug, or in a pretty coffee cup. You can drink it alone, or with friends. You can drink it while working, reading, driving, or doing nothing. The choice is yours, and that's the beauty of coffee. Coffee has many uses, too. It's social - let's go out for coffee. It's a peace offering - I'm sorry. Let's talk about it over coffee. It's romantic- let's sit by the fire with our coffee and cuddle. In Boss, coffee is the ice-breaker, the peace-maker, and something extra added for romance. Boss takes his coffee black while Jules prefers hers with cream. Jules judges the world by black and white - there's right or wrong; there's no grey area. Boss sees the world differently. There is black and white, but there's a lot of grey, too. Their story is about learning to compromise, seeing the other's perspective and learning to accept it without agreeing with it. It's a difficult decision many of us experience and one that challenges us to be the best we can be, no matter how we take our coffee.

Am I a Cat Auntie, Sister, or Mom?

Recently, I inherited my mother's two cats. They have adjusted well to their new environment. The once shy and timid cats are now a constant in my life, keeping me company no matter what I'm doing. No longer hiding underneath a bed or chair. When they were with my mother, I referred to Mom as their mommy. Now that they are with me, am I their auntie? Sister? Mom? Yes, I talk to animals, and I refer to their human owners as mommy or daddy. But, with these cats, I'm not entirely comfortable enough to refer to myself as their mom. Nor do I want to be their auntie or sister. I find myself in quite the conundrum. For now, I'll just be me and wait to see what comes naturally to me when I refer to myself.

Be My Make-Believe Valentine

Jules and Dane began their relationship by playing a game. They used make-believe with a splash of their deepest fantasies to have the perfect date. And on that date, they made up stories of other moments they shared. By combining their imaginations, they created ideal stories - ones that would last them a life time, or until they would reunite. Valentine's Day is one of their fantasy moments.

Secondary Characters that Need a Story

In Boss, the secondary character Bates piques readers' interest. They want to know more about the man who is always on the lookout for trouble. He's a man of impressive size, and one who can make his entrance without being noticed. He has his quirks and his secrets. His personality demands he have a book of his own. And he will.

Stranger Danger

Jules knew Boss as her fantasy boyfriend. Now that she is reunited with him and knows who he is, she doubts everything she thought about him. Have you ever had that experience? Meeting a person and being thoroughly enchanted by them, but when you meet again, you wonder what you were thinking?

A Child's Smile

There is so much power in a child's smile. It only takes one and our heart melts, our day becomes brighter, and our tone of voice changes. We have no control over our reaction. That's the strength of their power. Becca's power over Dane is instantaneous. He is smitten, and knows that he would die for her without question. I am fortunate to see my grandchildren almost every day .As soon as they arrive, my aches and pains disappear, my tone of voice becomes cheery, and my day is instantly better.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Do you have a favourite Christmas tradition or one that you wished you had? Is there a Christmas scene in a favourite book or movie that always pulls at your heartstrings? Does the song "White Christmas" make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Dane, the hero in Boss, loves Christmas. He loves everything about it: the snow, the decorations, and the possibilities that come with it--love, hope, and joy. His dreams of the perfect Christmas are what helped him get through the tough times, and now? Now, Christmas has become more important to him for many reasons, including two redheads that have captured his heart.

Doing the Right Thing When it Comes to Love

It's hard being a hero when you put others' needs above yours. It's ingrained in you to do the right thing, no matter what your heart tells you. Conscience over feelings. Head over heart. That's how Boss looks at life. His needs come second to everyone around him. All he wants this Christmas is one dance with the woman who owns his heart, and yet has given hers to another. Sometimes it sucks to do the right thing.

Oh No! Santa Claus is Coming!

There is nothing more adorable than a child's excitement for Christmas and Santa. That is if the child isn't afraid of Santa. I was one of those kids who screamed whenever I saw him. My mother did her best to navigate the malls to avoid me seeing Santa Claus. Was it the white beard, the red suit, or because he was a strange-looking man that visited our home when everyone was asleep? I don't know the reason behind my fear. I do know that I didn't make a list for Santa, nor did I leave him cookies and milk. I was happy to wake up in the morning and find my stocking filled and presents under the tree. It's funny how children see Santa Claus. Some are entirely enamoured of him, and can't wait until they can see him and tell them what they wish for, while others like myself, would rather not have to see the jolly old man, and still get presents. Becca's joy in knowing that Santa is coming and bringing her toys is what we wish for children. We want them to marvel at the lights, the presents, and the magic of it all. We want all children to have a happy and merry Christmas.

How do you Picture your Fantasy Boyfriend?

How do you picture your fantasy boyfriend? What color are his eyes? Does it matter? Many book boyfriends have the deepest blue eyes, or steely grey eyes. What about brown eyes? Chocolate brown eyes that make you think of the yummiest chocolate you've ever tasted -- the kind that you remember once you've had that forbidden taste? What about his face? Is it perfect or does it have a scar or a crooked smile that you can't resist staring at or kissing? Is it a face only a mother could love, or do women melt when they catch a glimpse of him? When Jules met Dane, her fantasy boyfriend for one night, she knew that he was the man for her--perfectly imperfect.

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