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Following a freak accident or maybe murder our hero must assume a new identity for which he is entirely unprepared.

Book Bubbles from Exitus

A tatoo is for Christmas and not Just Life

Thinking of getting a tatoo? It's a bit undertaking especially if you get the name of a now loved-one. Imagine the literal pain when the relationship ends. But there is always help in the form of a special counsellor.

The Continental Philosophical Tradition

Continental philosophy is frequently criticized for obfuscation so I thought I should keep with that spirit.

That Black Dress

When we overdress for a funeral.

What do other people secretly daydream about?

I know my daydreams but what do other people secretly dream about and how would you find out?


The history of a building can enrich our appreciation of it - the more we know about those who lived, worked and died therein, the more we may feel an attachment to it.

Mind Readers

I am always impressed by those who claim to know what I am thinking, especially as my mind is usually blank -

Psychological Insight

I appreciate Psychology is popular but I am most fascinated by the obscure disorders: the ones that get little attention.


The previous chapter ended with our hero in possible fatal danger. Has he survived?


Our hero takes a break of sorts between plot lines.

What mother's want for their children

Not everyone has the same ambitions in life.

Group Psychology

My time in academia has not been entirely wasted ...

Public Speaking

Many people are terrified of speaking in public because they forget that most audiences don't listen anyway. Instead they pass the time imagining what they would say if if were them, up there, speaking.


It is important when assuming someone else's identity that you behave with consistency, unlike our hero.


I like spiders very much so i wanted to get them into the story.

Setting the Romantic Scene

I realise I prefer grunge to nice shiny interiors.

Who pretends to have children

We have heard of foster parents but what of imposter parents i.e those who pretend to have children?

Philosophy 101

There are many useful philosophical insights available in this book.

When characters are based on experience

While my characters are not based on real people we all know what real life looks like ....


Psychological insight can lead me ... well ... anywhere

The Practical Challenges of Impersonating

if you are going to pass yourself off as someone else how do you prepare for the unexpected?


Just because I write down what they do it doesn't mean I have control over their actions. I am as curious as the reader to see what my characters do next.

Architectural Descriptions

The tiny - perhaps psychological - detail of a building makes it both memorable and unique - I hope.


A character is developed through the choices they make.

Detective Work

Finally, the police begin asking their questions.

The Past - the future

How do control freaks cope when their lives begin to unravel?

Biographical Influences

It's true - I hate disco. This book is significantly biographical!

On swearing in books

In general I don't approve of gratuitous swearing in books or in life but sometimes it works!

Opening line

The opening line of any book can prove to be the most difficult to write. Sometimes this is the last line to be written, as in this case.

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