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Dave Westfall is a Speaker, Small Business Coach, Author, Elopement Expert and Founder of WhereToElope.com that has helped over 1,000,000 couples elope.


Big Weddings Suck! Discover How to Reduce Cost, Energy, Stress, and Time

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

BIG Weddings SUCK! is a contrarian book for engaged millennials that takes on the BIG Wedding Industrial Complex and their condescending attitudes, predatory practices and upsell procedures. BIG Weddings SUCK! teaches engaged couples how to reduce the cost, energy, stress and time to plan their wedding. “I know how because I eloped before eloping was cool,” says Westfall whose website has helped over 1.1 million couples save $25 billion on their weddings. “My experience provides me with a unique perspective on Where, What, When and How Much Engaged Couples are willing to spend.” Westfall’s research shows that the more a couple spends on the wedding, the higher their risk of divorce. Why do BIG Weddings SUCK? They suck the life out of your Relationship by: 1.Sucking the MONEY out of your Wallet 2.Sucking the ENERGY out of your Body 3.Sucking your HAPPINESS and causing STRESS 4.Sucking the TIME out of your Week. As a result, the whole definition of what we call a “wedding” is undergoing a paradigm shift. The 21 Small Wedding Elopement Package alternatives presented in Dave Westfall’s book don’t SUCK because all the “wedding planning” has been done for you and all you have to do is show up with your marriage license.

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Is a Pop Up Wedding for You?

As discussed in Chapter 21, Pop-Up Weddings can be wildly different depending on the vendor, but one thing they have in common is that the goal is to make it less expensive and more stress-free for the couple. At first glance pop-up weddings and elopements might sound like the same thing. However, one of the key differences is pop-up weddings often mean several couples sharing a venue.

Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be tricky especially if it is in a place you are not too familiar with. That’s why during my research for my latest book BIG Weddings SUCK! I started collecting tips to make it easier. I’ve included a chapter dedicated to it in the book with some of the best tips!


According to TheKnot the average cost of a traditional BIG wedding last year was $33,000.. According to the IRS the average Tax Refund this year is $3,143. So, if you are interesting in saving BIG money $30,000 on your wedding why not consider using your Tax Refund to pay for one the 21 Small Wedding Elopement Packages from my book that cost under $2,500? You could use that extra $643 to turn your 2 day "Minimoon" into a 6 night "Honeymoon"! Then you won't have any Debt or Regrets...

The More You Spend the Higher Your Risk of Divorce

That’s right! My research showed that couples are also being discriminated against in the wedding industry based on their financial status! It is shocking to learn the number of wedding vendors referring to small weddings and elopements as ‘low end’ weddings and the couples as “working class”! In that same study, Couples who spent less $1,000 where 53% LESS Likely to Divorce!

Alternative Weddings

Discover the other 21 Alternative Wedding options to BIG Weddings.

Valentine Proposals: Are You Ready for Rock Day?

Are You Ready for Rock Day? Fun Fact! Did you know that the Big Wedding Industry frequently refers to Valentine’s Day as ‘Rock Day’? Why? The answer is simple – it’s the second most popular day of the year for marriage proposals behind Christmas Day! Read more at: https://wheretoelope.com/valentine-proposals-are-you-ready-for-rock-day/

Helpful Small Wedding Tips

If you want to reduce the time, energy and cost of planning a wedding then downsizing is the best option. However, even with a Small Wedding there are still plenty of wedding planning obstacles to overcome!

The Wedding Planning Book for the Rest of US

Did you know that 50% of Brides-to-be don't want a BIG Wedding? So, forget what Martha Stewart, The Knot and Wedding Wire say... Save all that time, energy and money by Booking a Wedding Elopement Package to have it your way! Your marriage will appreciate it...

Save 50% In Less Than a Minute

On Page 27 You can discover how to Save 50% on Your Wedding Costs in Less Than a Minute!

Avoid BIG Wedding Stress

Event planning is stressful—especially when the event is a wedding! You should be looking forward to your wedding day, but often the pressure of pulling off a huge celebration can overshadow that joy. Scale back on your plans and you will feel a huge stress being lifted from your shoulders.

Weddings Should Be Fun

BIG Wedding Stress can ruin your Big Day!

BIG Weddings Cost Too Much

You Don't have to get married with Debt and Regrets!

Get Married With Budget Intact

As shown in the Foreword to my BIG Weddings SUCK! book you can get married with a meaningful ceremony and with your budget intact.

Bridal Blindness!

Discover why Bridal Blindness could ruin your Marriage!

Authors are talking about BIG Weddings SUCK!

Discover what other Authors are saying about the Amazon Best Seller in Weddings and Marriage.

Couples Are Talking

Don't take it from me, read what Real Couples are saying about BIG Weddings SUCK! book..

How to Save 90% on Your Wedding, And Still Have a Honeymoon

Crafts, Hobbies & Home

Would you like to save 90% of the energy, time and money that big weddings can take while still honeymooning! Big Traditional weddings and a honeymoon can cost over $30,000. But, we've found that All-inclusive Elopement Packages can be under $2,500. That's 90% less than a big traditional wedding and comes with overnight stays or what we call a Minimoon. Many Elopement Vendors offer a wide variety of small wedding elopement packages that fit almost any budget.

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What do BIG Weddings Cost?

That fairytale dream wedding might cost more than you think

The Small Business Accelerator

Business & Investing

Discover HOW TO: Make MORE and Work LESS…Work ON not IN your Small Business, Increase your LEADS, SALES and PROFITS… This book will help you STEP ON THE GAS! In The Small Business Accelerator book, you get the keys to start your business; then it shows you exactly how to take your foot off the brake and accelerate your small business.

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