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Daniel  Sebata

Daniel Sebata has an extremely engaging and authentic voice on mental health, psychological, social, political, socio-economic and religious issues in his fiction writing. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing and he uses this knowledge and experience to humanely handle mental health issues in his first book; 'Why Rock The Boat When You Don't Know How To Swim?' as he mixes humour, sarcasm and tragic events with astounding results. He is currently writing his second novel entitled ‘I’m Going Nowhere, Soon,’ which is a series of his first novel and is due to be published in 2016. When Danny, as most people know him, is not writing, reading and listening to debates, he is playing and coaching tennis and football. He was born in Zimbabwe and moved to the United Kingdom in 1998. He lives with his family between Bournemouth, Dorset, UK and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA.


Why Rock the Boat When You Don't Know How to Swim?

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Dolly believed that she was stalked from Zimbabwe via South Africa to Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, what was she smoking?

Book Bubbles from Why Rock the Boat When You Don't Know How to Swim?

You Are Not The Father!

What happens when animals and humans think they are not the father? As for the lions, they kill the bastard! With the monkey the male troop leader, the main man, bribes other males with a one off, so that they would never know the biological father - that way the offspring is spared. What happened in "Why Rock The Boat When You Don't Know How To Swim?" Find out what happened in Victoria Falls, when the man suspected that he was not the father - follow the link below: www.chronicle.co.zw/man-told-son-is-not-yours-hangs-self/


David Cameroon, the British Prime Minister, would like some sections of the society to learn English or face deportation: see the BBC news link below; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35338413 I touched on this issue in my novel, read the attached excerpts. Has multiculturalism failed Britain?

The Dangers of Crossing Limpopo River

Dolly experienced the dangers of crossing the Limpopo River through undesignated areas first hand. A hippo left three women dead and a child injured while crossing the same river illegally, see the link below: http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-26411-SA Hippo kills 3 Zim border jumpers/news.aspx

Luton Witchdoctor

Believe it or not, many people still consult traditional healers in Western countries, but do they get successfully treated? In the United Kingdom for an example, have such people saved the NHS some money? Does Dolly get the help she wants? After chasing the shadow of a woman she believed was stalking her for months, in desperation, she sees a Luton traditional healer, may be she should go to Harare, enjoy the bubble and see the link below: http://www.newzimbabwe.com/news-26334-Harare streets Sangoma cops fear me/news.aspx.

Customer Service

Customer care is a rare commodity in Africa, Dolly came face-to-face with a rude and corrupt immigration officer at Oliver Tambo International Airport on her return to the United Kingdom. Richard Branson was not spared either. It is not about one's station in life, it is about the manner in which we talk and treat our visitors that grace our land or place of business. Compare and contrast how Dolly and Sir Richard Branson were treated in the bubble and the following link: http://www.bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-africa-byo-77503.html

When Life Takes A Wrong Turn

I have been fortunate to live in three different countries that all practice Christianity, but I must emphasise, at various levels. In the United Kingdom, they are turning churches into nightclubs, in the United States of America they are building more churches, and in Zimbabwe they worship in open stadiums, no building can accommodate the numbers. Where do the citizens of these countries turn to when life delivers under the belt blow? My childhood memories of Christianity are a mixed bag. As a young man, in my early teens, I lived with this Apostolic Faith family, in deep rural Zimbabwe, where witchcraft was practiced in broad daylight let alone at night. Where people would threaten to kill each by manipulating lightning and thunder and the heavens above would deliver the fatal blow. To protect ourselves, the family made sure that we attended church service every Saturday without failure. But at some point when life experiences took the worst turn, I was woken up in the middle of the night to accompany the woman to see a witchdoctor; her husband lived and worked in Bulawayo. That experience led me to question not only her beliefs, but mine too. When Dolly returned to Bournemouth after visiting her sick mother in Zimbabwe and she started “seeing things,” who did she turn to?

Childhood Friends

As we all plough through childhood to adulthood we make friends, attend schools before meeting our husbands, wives and partners. Are you still in contact with any of your childhood friends, if so, do you still talk about your past, how was it like? If you are no longer in contact with them, why not take time and try to reconnect with them; LinkedIn and Facebook are the good places to start from. How about the secondary school you attended, was it known for producing doctors or kombi (minibus) drivers? And the woman or man you married or share your life with, what were the obstacles you faced and lectures you received for your choice of partner?

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