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Dana Huse (1955 - so far, so good) was born in Hoboken, New Jersey to two parents, grew up in various cities across the country but mainly in Huntsville, AL and moved to California in 1978. He had a career doing things with computers. He's working on winning any award for any accomplishment. He gets along well with his parents, who are both dead. He lives in Ventura, CA, which is a pretty cool place to live. Interesting things happen to him, which he writes about. He's building a collection, so keep checking his list of books. Right now he's going for short, humorous fiction because most of his life happens in short, funny chunks.


Security to the Haunted House

Security to the Haunted House

Humor & Entertainment

It'll be a great prank! Everybody will love it, once we pull it off. We're all in place, here comes the mark, UH-OH, we FORGOT something. Are we gonna get out of here unscathed?

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Embarrassing People Is Fun

Nothing's better than catching a cheater and exposing them in public. I love such opportunities.

Rory's Story

Anybody, anywhere, anytime ... can lose a fight.

Closing Night, Thank God

Humor & Entertainment

Appear on stage wearing ... THAT? Saying ... THAT? Yelling at Moses on a toilet? And I'll be graded on how convincing I am? How do I get out of here.

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How I Got There

Deception and Desperation are my main operating strategies. When the going gets tough, I look for a way out, preferably with free meals along the way. Hi There; How's it going? Looking over the book? It's funny (just ask me). Have a Big Fun Day, Dana Huse Editor - Deranged Behavior Quarterly

How Did This Happen to Me?

A student 'experimental' live theater production. I'm to play a gay caveman in almost no costume at all. It was all too much, but I couldn't get out of it without failing acting class. So it's over-the-top I go. Moses calms the situation by speaking from his toilet. I repeat, it was all too muchl.

Coyote Truck Maintenance

Humor & Entertainment

Doesn't everybody change the oil in their truck by driving it in the house and doing it naked? There's reasons for these things ... just not very good ones.

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Mysteries of Packratism

Tons of everything imaginable. All available to anybody. Including me! It's all a mystery to me, but I'm a beneficiary, why should I worry?

Alone in the house

What if you're alone in a house and say, "Hello?" and someone answers

Thinking Out of the Box and Inside the House

If your driveway isn't level, you have to change the oil somewhere else ... like inside the house. The doors are big enough, I only need to get the front part actually in the house. Why not? What could go wrong? That question gets answered.

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