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D. A. Kelly is a writer and delighter in all things fantasy. She can't help it. Magic, fairies, dragons and amazing beasts make life exciting, and since she lives in a small town in Australia where nothing fantastical ever happens, she makes up stories crammed with magic and mayhem. Better than doing housework, I'm sure you'll agree. Her stories are dark and gritty fantasy with heart and humour. If this sounds like your type of poison why not join her on the next adventure. It will make sitting alone in her office mashing on her keyboard more exciting. Either that or she'll have to go hang out the washing.


Fire Rain

Book Bubbles from Fire Rain

Riding the Fire Horse

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Driven by pride and the word of a long dead seer, Ghengis Khan will stop at nothing to rule the world. Sacrifice, murder and blind ambition drag him towards a destiny he cannot escape. An alternate story about the legendary Khan of Khans filled with dark magic, blood debt and retribution.

Book Bubbles from Riding the Fire Horse

The Choice is Made

I wasn't exactly sure where the story would go. I just kept writing what flowed through my mind's eye. It was as though I was transcribing a movie. Jotting down the conversations. Describing what I saw, heard and smelled. I suppose I wasn't surprised when the story took a dark turn. For some reason, my stories usually do. Except Fire Rain - that one is fun, lighthearted and a hoot to read.

The Story Began to Write Itself

From the moment Xin entered Genghis Kahn's gher the story began to unfold so quickly I was amazed. And relieved. Xin may have been tiny, but there was a strength to her that grabbed the story and took it in a direction I wasn't expecting. Needless to say, I was happy (and a little shocked).

Research Only Takes a Writer So Far

I did a lot of reading about Genghis Kahn, so there are facts woven through this story. Superstitious beliefs, like not stepping on the threshold as you enter a gher, and the direction they walked around the gher's central fire are based on fact. Most of the story, though, is straight from my mind. (A little worrying to those who know me.)

What to Choose

When I was asked to submit a short story to the Return Anthology, I had no idea what to write. All I had was a list of dates when Halley's Comet cut across our skies. A lot to choose from. A lot of history to research. What I learned about Genghis Kahn hooked me. Now what to write? As I only write fantasy, I couldn't help but add in blood, magic and sacrifice. I doubt history followed the exact path I led my Genghis Kahn along. At least I hope not! If it did, I'll never look at Halley's Comet quite the same.

A Bit of Dark Magic

Sharing a snippet from a story is scary. You never know what people will think. What bit to share? I have no cover for this short story yet, but I'll get one soon so I can add it to the available retailers. This Book Bubble comes from a story I had published in an Anthology called Return. The Bubble is not taken from the beginning, so I hope it makes sense. Nothing worse than coming in halfway through a story and having no idea what's going on. Anyway, this story is not based on fact, though some of the names and places are real. (I doubt Genghis Khan really did the horrible things I make him do.)

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