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C L Roman

Cheri Roman writes fantasy and paranormal young adult. She currently has several series in the works, among them, Outcast Angels and The Witch of Forsythe High. Most days you can find her on her blog, The Brass Rag, or working on her next novel or short story. Cheri lives in the not-so-wilds of Northeast Florida with her husband and their pets, Jack E. Boy, the super Chihuahua, and Pye, the invisible cat.



Science Fiction & Fantasy

"Life-Trade Vacations, where adventure wears the mask of your choice." What would you give to walk away from your life for a week and experience an alien culture without responsibility or consequence? This is what Life-Trade Vacations offers - if you're an elf with money, that is. There are rules, of course. Don't leave anything behind, especially not magic. Do no lasting harm. Make no lasting change. And most important, remember that this is a vacation - a temporary escape. You cannot stay, no matter how much you may want to. Then again, rules are made to be broken...

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A Painless Crossing?

Every action we take impacts others, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. If you trade lives with someone, even if only for a short time, even if they never know what you did, there are sure to be consequences.

Fear is powerful weapon, but love is stronger.

Love makes us stronger than we ever thought we could be. It gives us the ability to look past ourselves, and act for the benefit of the beloved, even though we are afraid. Even though doing so might kill us.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Sometimes the wrong choice is the only one that makes sense. Lucifer and the Fallen are in open rebellion against the Maker of the Universe. The Maker and most of his angels are fighting back with all the power of the cosmos. The Rephaim, angels who view all angels as their siblings, have abstained from the fight. Stuck between love and loyalty, Fomor and his six celestial companions have no good options. In desperation they escape to Earth, only to find that the war has followed them, and the Fallen are bent on destroying every human in their path. But even the best choices have consequences... When a child is taken for sacrifice, the angels fight to save him, but they may have chosen too late. In this epic battle between good and evil, the players are not always what they seem, and the stakes are higher than even Fomor and his companions can imagine. This prequel to the Outcast Angels series begins at the beginning - setting the stage for an epic battle that good may not be able to win.

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Angel Wings

Ever wonder where angels keep their wings when they aren't using them?

War in Heaven

They say that angels are always obedient. But is that really true? In Genesis we read that a number of angels came down and got together with humans. They even produced children - those "mighty men of old." And then there is the whole business of Lucifer's rebellion. A full third of the Heavenly host is reported to have sided with him. What if some angels didn't want to take sides? What if they tried to abstain?

Gaia Returning

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Pirates steal things. It's what they do... When Captain Irina Demyanov’s first mate disobeys orders and steals the crown jewels of a vengeful alien race, she knows she’s out of options. Desperate to escape, Irina takes her chances on a dangerous vortex leap and lands near an unnamed, yet strangely familiar planet. The gamble may have paid off, but between hostile inhabitants and inevitable discovery by their pursuers, the pirates’ chances of survival appear slim. Can the human remnant find refuge, or will their enemies put a permanent end to the human race?

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Who do you trust when your world is falling apart?

We don't always make the best decisions. This is especially true in relationships where our choice of companions is limited. Irina is about to find out just how bad her choices have been, and what that might cost her.

Gaia Rising

Science Fiction & Fantasy

If she loses, she dies, but winning will break her heart. The murder of her brother thrusts Gaia, unprepared and unwilling, into the spotlight. Her proposed marriage to Atoli, the power hungry, arrogant prince of a rival clan, is the last thing Gaia wants. But as heir to the Black Throne, her duty is clear. The balance of power among the Simoi, an ancient race with god-like powers, must be maintained. Atoli’s fascinating half-brother, Bardan, catches her eye, but a love triangle is the last thing Gaia needs. As the attacks on her family escalate, it becomes clear that someone doesn’t approve of her impending marriage to Atoli and they are willing to kill to prevent it. Faced with a devastating new weapon, Gaia must elude cold-blooded assassins and unmask her secret enemies if she and her people are to survive. Far more than the fate of the Simoi hangs in the balance. Their destruction will destroy species, devastate entire galaxies, and may even unhinge the universe itself. Gaia cannot afford to lose. But someone is determined to ensure she does not win. For fans of Game of Thrones and J.N. Chaney, this dynamic space opera elevates political intrigue to the galactic level. Embark on this breathtaking science fiction adventure with dazzling alien species across a magnificent galactic empire.

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Murder Among The Stars

One of the worst things any being can suffer is losing a loved one. When murder is involved, it's even worse.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Escaping heaven was only the beginning. Faced with the choice between fighting in a war they never wanted or betraying their maker, Fomor and his angelic companions escaped to Earth and became the Rephaim. After decades of wandering, they find a new home, and a new purpose in protecting the humans they have come to love. But evil cannot be avoided, it must be destroyed… When demonic forces bring Heaven’s war to Earth, threatening to enslave humankind and create supernatural soldiers with blood sacrifices, honor and love demand that the Rephaim fight back. But the battle will cost them more than they know, and one of their own will pay an ultimate price. As the fate of the Earth and her inhabitants hangs in the balance, Fomor and his companions must win the fight for their new lives or watch as the world is annihilated. Poised on cliff-edge of fantasy and history, this epic adventure does not disappoint.

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Sibling rivalry

Even angels disagree sometimes. When that happens, you'll want to stand back.

Enemy encounter

Ever wonder what demons eat? One of the underpinnings of a great story is a truly bad antagonist. There needs to be a reason for the protagonist to fight him...or her. What is worse than someone who preys on the weak, the innocent? What is more important than standing up for them? The threat has to be real, and imminent - after that the characters take over.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Fulfilling one’s destiny requires sacrifice… Fleeing a global catastrophe, Shahara lands safely in Babylon with her beloved Volot, an angel with a sacred mission. But the victory is a hollow one, for the world she knew has been obliterated. Battered by the loss of her family and the denial of her most cherished dreams, Shahara’s new life begins to disintegrate as she is lured by promises of power and fulfillment into the violent, blood-soaked ambitions of a ruthless enemy. With each step down a darker path, Shahara learns that evil may give with one hand, but it takes with the other. And betrayal is the price of admission. The path to power is littered with the bones of the innocent… With her marriage shattered and countless lives hanging in the balance, Shahara must make a devastating choice. Can she survive her decision, or will victory require the ultimate sacrifice? By turns romantic, suspenseful and terrifying, this epic fantasy treads the knife edge of human frailty and superhuman courage.

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Grief unrelenting

When you have lost everything, the temptation is to blame everyone. And grief hits all of us in different ways. For Shahara, it becomes the foundation of her existence.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

When past and present collide, someone is bound to get hurt. Gwyneth and Jotun aren’t conventional, or even completely human, but they are happy. Then a global disaster forces them to escape through The Shift, that dark space in between worlds where anything might happen — and does. What matters is how fast you can heal… When they are separated by the very force they hoped would save them, Jotun and Gwyneth find a modern world full of unfamiliar faces, advanced technology, and secret enemies. Each must fight against deception and unravel the goals of opposing factions, separating truth from illusion in a bid to save each other and a world that seems bent on self-destruction. The third installment in the Outcast Angels series combines ancient Norse mythology with modern dangers. Adventure, romance and a splash of comedy make for the heart-stopping continuation of an epic fantasy series that will keep you turning pages long after your bedtime.

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Marriage made of Heaven and Earth

If you were married to an angel, what would the relationship be like? How would such a couple interact? Love crosses all boundaries and draws two people together against all odds. A mere difference of origin can't stop or change that. For Jotun and Gwyneth, it is a matter of commitment, regardless of circumstance or location. They love each other, no matter what.

Earth and Fire

Science Fiction & Fantasy

There is a universal law of unintended consequences... The wise know that every action has the potential, like a stone dropped into still water, to send out ripples that will touch unknown shores. Decisions, whether great or small, change destinies.

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Between a witch and the wall...

We are advised by ancient wisdom to be kind, to love our enemies. The hope is that by showing compassion, we can change the enemy into a friend, or at least into someone who doesn't hate us. But it doesn't always work that way. In fact, some enemies view acts of kindness as weakness, and they see no reason to change. In such situations, being kind and protecting oneself are mutually exclusive. What then?

Fire Candidate


Learning to trust yourself is the hardest lesson of all... Most girls don’t set their birthday party on fire, no matter how rebellious they feel. But Lila Stuart isn’t most girls, and she never has been. Now her brand of strange is attracting a very bad crowd. She and her family must relocate, leaving everything she knows behind. Tracked to her new home by a predatory demi-god, Lila is sold to a human trafficking cartel that specializes in people like her, first generation angel-human hybrids with powers that could make them heroes or deadly villains. When the cartel threatens her family, Lila must choose: serve as an assassin or live as a slave. Will she find a way out, or is the cost of fighting back just too high? The second installment in The Witch of Forsythe High series is a fast-paced fire-storm about the choices life requires of us and the consequences they bring in their wake.

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Sudden Heat

A lot of my stories begin with a what if question. What if you had a superpower, but didn't know it? What if someone you loved was in danger? What if... Often, when I get stuck in a scene, I create a what if situation, and answering the question moves the plot. In this case, what if the guy you liked was an abusive jerk? What do you do if he won't let you go? Lila is a bit of a spitfire. You can be when she says let go, she means it.

Ghost Candidate


The truth can be dangerous. Ghost Thompson is an athlete with a secret. One he’s managed to keep since he was fifteen. But in his senior year of high school, things are changing. A new girl and new friends are forcing him to confront his abilities and responsibilities. When an evil entity begins pursuing a terrifying agenda that promises destruction on a national scale, he, Lila and Juju must band together to stop it. Will they find a way to defeat the forces that seek to corrupt them, or will they be enslaved forever? This paranormal YA adventure walks the razor’s edge between self-preservation and the consequences of choosing honor above all else.

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Super hero - Super fight

Fight scenes are one of my favorite things to write. I do my best to present it blow by blow, so the reader gets that "movie in your head" feeling. But I also like to include things that are culturally relevant - conversations that happen in real life, between real people. The whole idea is to bring the reader into this fictional world, and have them enjoy their stay.



Julian “Juju” Ramirez has one goal, take care of his little brother, Terry. Selling weed at Forsythe High looks like the perfect means to that end. He plans to stake out his territory early and work hard. But Julian has secrets that threaten to tear his plans, and maybe his life, to shreds. Between the local thugs, a drug cartel and the shifty DEA Agent who all want a piece of Julian’s action, it doesn’t seem like there is anyone left to trust, especially not Ms. Fischer, the strange teacher with secrets of her own. At Forsythe High nothing is what it seems. Can Julian unravel the secrets before it’s too late? This paranormal young adult adventure treads the desperate, dangerous line between doing what we must and doing what is right.

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Introducing Juju

The first day of school is stressful for everyone. If you have secrets to keep and a job to do, that makes things even harder. Add in a weird teacher and you can see how stressful is putting it mildly. Because Julian Ramirez definitely has secrets, and a job to do.

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