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Ceron and His Fidget Spinning Locket

Children's Books

Spin into a world of wonder with Ceron, the ordinary boy with an extraordinary secret.

Ceron is just an ordinary boy, or so everyone thinks. While the world sleeps, Ceron embarks on a secret mission to help people in need every night. Armed with his trusty, fidget-spinning locket, Ceron uses his unique powers to spread hope and kindness wherever he goes.

With its heartwarming message and imaginative storytelling, illustrated by pencil artist Henry Garden, this children's story will inspire and delight readers of all ages.

Join Ceron on his incredible journey of kindness, generosity and helping others. Get your copy today and discover the power of compassion.


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Swish Boom Boom

If your home is anything like mine used to be, the bedtime routine for children is always bustling with activity. We're in the midst of preparing baths, brushing teeth, and selecting our favorite bedtime stories. Though we strive to create a tranquil atmosphere to usher in a peaceful night's sleep and set the stage for a fresh start the next day, the house is anything but quiet. Amid issuing final instructions and navigating the protests of weary voices, our narrative begins. Then, with the superheroic sounds of "Swish Boom Boom," we invite our readers into the tale, using the most lyrical voice to signal that something extraordinary is unfolding. Ceron is getting ready for bed, but not for sleep.

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