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Charles Veley has loved Sherlock Holmes since boyhood. As a father, he read the entire canon to his then-ten-year-old daughter at evening story time. This very same daughter has grown up to become acclaimed historical novelist Anna Elliott, and the photo above shows him at a Princeton Library book launch event, reading from one of her novels. He is thrilled beyond words that Anna has worked with him to develop new adventures in the Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series! Anna Elliott is an author of historical fiction and fantasy. Her first series, the Twilight of Avalon trilogy, is a retelling of the Trystan & Isolde legend. She wrote her second series, The Pride & Prejudice Chronicles, chiefly to satisfy her own curiosity about what might have happened to Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and all the other wonderful cast of characters after the official end of Jane Austen’s classic work. She was delighted to lend a hand with the Sherlock & Lucy series because she loves Sherlock Holmes as much as her father does. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four children.


The Jubilee Problem

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A celebration for the ages. A looming disaster. And an old enemy returns anew . . . London, 1887--Queen Victoria's magnificent Golden Jubilee celebration is poised to be the event of the decade, but a criminal mastermind's evil plot could turn it into the worst disaster of the century. When an unlikely source overhears the plan's sinister details, he goes to none other than Sherlock Holmes for help. It's up to Holmes, his trusted confidant Watson, and his fearless daughter Lucy to find the culprit, foil his plot, and save the Queen--and thousands of her subjects--from certain death. As the team follows the clues from Buckingham Palace, to an armorer's castle, to St. Paul's Cathedral, a faceless foe they have crossed swords with in the past resurfaces once again. Can Holmes and his team unmask their nemesis and defeat him once and for all? And can they do it in time to save the most glorious fancy-dress ball in the history of the Empire from going up in flames--and taking the monarchy with it? A thrilling and fast-paced take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, complete with unexpected twists and turns, international intrigue, and a strong, feisty heroine. Narrated by Lucy James and Dr. Watson, this adventure takes the reader through some of the grandest sites of Victorian-era London, and stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series. Also available in audiobook format.

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What's it all about, Lucy?

We’re focusing on two very different levels with this adventure. The main story takes place on an epic level. The Queen's Jubilee in 1897 presented the century’s greatest political spectacle, and the villain is as dark and evil as they come. A huge challenge for Sherlock and Lucy, and a huge impact, considering the scope of the three disasters they must prevent. But the relationships between Sherlock, Lucy, Jack, and Watson provide the emotional level that underpins the story. The Baker Street team aren't risking their lives for a triumphant parade. They’re not only working for justice; they're working for each other. That's what it's all about.

Death at the Diogenes Club

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A hero on the mend. A blossoming romance. And a mysterious murder that must be solved at any cost . . . London, 1897--After narrowly cheating death in their last case, Lucy James and Jack Kelly are both on the mend. Jack's injuries are serious, and his recovery is slow. As Lucy attempts to nurse him back to health, she finds that her feelings for him are growing more intense every day. But does he feel the same? He seems determined to keep her at arm's length. In the meantime, Lucy and her father, famed detective Sherlock Holmes, are called to the Diogenes Club, where a retired general has been murdered in cold blood. The killer must be found, but there's a catch. The body is found in a locked room, and there are too few clues to go on. Just as the duo is making headway, they realize the crimes are just beginning. Soon Lucy, Holmes, and Jack find themselves in lethal conflict with the most ruthless gang leader in London, who is determined to eliminate his enemies. Lucy won't let that happen. But can she guard her heart while she protects those she loves? A fun and fast-paced take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, with unexpected twists and turns, a strong, feisty heroine, and a touch of romance. Narrated by Holmes's daughter Lucy, Death at the Diogenes Club stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while showing the true value of family and friendship.

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Before dawn, there's darkness

This adventure has its dark moments--as our cover hints at with its color tones of deep purple and black. On the mystery level, there's murder, blackmail, and the threat of even more killings. And on the deeper, emotional level, there's despair, cynicism, and the sheer unyielding pain of injuries and social injustices that seem insurmountable. But as our cover also shows, there's a light within. On the story level, Sherlock and Lucy lighten things up with magic, both to entertain and unmask the perpetrators. And on the personal level, there's courage and integrity, two powerful forces that Lucy and Jack, after their ordeals in their last adventure, re-discover within themselves. When those powerful forces emerge, crimes are solved, mountains of obstruction are moved, and an inner emotional sunlight bursts forth--with a brilliance that will forever shape these two young detectives and their future adventures.

The Return of the Ripper

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A long-awaited wedding. A ring of dangerous diamond thieves. And a murderer with an all-too-familiar modus operandi . . . London, 1897--Love is in the air! Lucy James, daughter of famed detective Sherlock Holmes, is finally poised to marry her sweetheart, Jack. But Lucy isn't the only one who's starry-eyed--Dr. Watson's attention has been captivated by a beautiful and alluring woman . . . who may not be at all what she seems. It's not all romance and roses, however. In the midst of wedding-planning, Lucy, Holmes, and Watson must take on a nefarious diamond-smuggling ring. And, just as they are making headway, a familiar evil puts all of London on edge. A young woman is found dead, and her murder is reminiscent of those committed by Jack the Ripper. Has the infamous killer resurfaced? Or is some other sinister plan afoot? The intrepid detective trio is determined to find out. Danger escalates with every uncovered clue, and soon enough, Lucy finds her wedding plans--and her very life--in peril. Can she and the team disband the diamond smugglers, catch the killer, and ensure her happily-ever-after? A fast-paced and thrilling take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, with unexpected twists and turns, a strong, feisty heroine, and a touch of romance. Narrated by Dr. Watson and Holmes's daughter Lucy, The Return of the Ripper stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while introducing an intriguing family dynamic.

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Not just diamonds are forever.

Anna came up with the idea for this one, based on some research she'd done on the historical Whitechapel Ripper. But we decided to offset the grim Ripper themes with a wide range of hopes: Cecil Rhodes hopes Sherlock can stop a ring of diamond thieves. Lucy hopes to have Jack's wedding ring on her finger soon. Innocent orphan girls in Whitechapel hope for new lives after a charity trains them for service in wealthy families across the Empire. And even Watson has hopes -- to help the charity by using his writing skills, and maybe, just maybe, to find romantic happiness. So it's not just diamonds that are forever. Hope springs eternal.

Remember, Remember

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A loss of identity. A dastardly assassination plot. And a woman who must solve both riddles to save those she loves . . . London, 1896--On a cold November morning, a lovely American actress awakens face-down on the concrete pavement just outside the British Museum. She has no memory of who she is, or what has happened to her--just a dim recollection of the name "Sherlock Holmes." The search for clues to her true identity leads her to an alarming revelation: she may have killed someone, and someone is definitely trying to kill her. She digs deeper, only to find that she is not the only target. Backed by a familiar foe, shadowy, menacing figures have plotted an assassination at the British Museum. she works to learn more about their evil plan, her memory suddenly returns. She realizes she is none other than Lucy James, daughter of Sherlock Holmes himself! Now Lucy must put her inherited sleuthing abilities to the test as she, Holmes, and Watson work together to foil the assassination attempt. But their adversaries are ruthless and cunning, and success is far from certain. Can they escape peril and defeat the would-be killers? Or will Lucy lose everyone she holds dear? A fun and fast-paced take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, with unexpected twists and turns, a strong, feisty heroine, and a touch of romance. This adventure stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while showing the true value of family and friendship.

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The start of some beautiful friendships...

Lucy James is the featured attraction in the first two novels in the series, but this one is the first to be told in her own inimitable narrative voice. Remember, Remember is a Holmesian mystery and adventure, but it's also about identity, both true and false. On the mystery level, the villains, of course, are definitely not the eccentric innocents they first appear to be! And on the personal level, Lucy must literally discover her own identity as the story opens. Jack Kelly, the young London policeman who awakens her, learns something important about himself during the story. Becky Kelly, Jack’s little sister, who appears for the first time here, also discovers something important. All three of these characters will grow and change over the course of the series. Their initial friendships will strengthen and deepen into something none of them ever expected. Anna and I have been thrilled at the response from fans. We’re excited to be continuing with more adventures--with ‘Watson on the Orient Express’ out this month, and "Kidnapped at the Tower" coming in May. For all of us, this book has been the start of a beautiful friendship!

Die Again, Mr. Holmes

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A den of dangerous drug traffickers. A sudden, mysterious death. Is this the end for Sherlock Holmes? London, 1898--Holmes, Lucy and Watson have plenty of reason to celebrate. Thanks to their heroics and formidable sleuthing skills, Lucy and Jack finally found their way to wedded bliss, and a gang of diamond-smuggling fiends will soon be behind bars where they belong. But the trial of the gang leader brings to light a new, even more sinister threat. A dangerous criminal organization is trafficking a vast hoard of stolen opium, and these ruthless purveyors of human misery will stop at nothing to protect their illicit business. Holmes is determined to stop the thugs from flooding the streets of London with their deadly merchandise, at any cost. And, when his blood-stained coat is found in the frigid waters of the Thames river, it appears he has paid the ultimate price. Left to soldier on alone, Lucy, Jack, and Watson follow the remaining clues and trace the opium to an underground cave beneath a swanky seaside hotel. When they arrive, a shocking turn of events leads to an epic showdown. Can the team take down the smugglers? Or have they finally met their match? A fast-paced and fun take on a classic Sherlock who-done-it, with unexpected twists and turns, a strong, feisty heroine, and classic values. Die Again, Mr. Holmes stays faithful to the spirit of the beloved original series, while expanding the detective team, and introducing an intriguing new dynamic.

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No way out . . .

Usually Holmes is on the side of the law and opposed to the criminals. But what if both sides demanded something that he absolutely, positively, could not tolerate? What if it appeared that there was no way out? Would he sacrifice himself? Famously, once before, in the battle with Professor Moriarty, he did not hesitate to pay the ultimate price. In this excerpt from our story, Watson and Lucy learn that, indeed, Holmes will no longer be there to help them. But they, too are locked into the battle. Will they find a way out? Find out on Amazon, or listen on Audible!

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