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Carly  OShea

Carly O'Shea grew up in the Pacific Northwest, the mother of seven children, she now spends her time writing, in the South Carolina Sun. Carly's stories created out of the depth of her imagination, her escape now shared with readers. Her life of continued tragic events and hurts gives the stories she writes a realistic feel, absorbing you into the worlds she creates.


Carly  OShea

Working Title: Finding Home

This Book Is In Development

Finding Home

Sometimes it’s not the surrounding walls that make a house a home, it’s the sounds of your children, and the love of those important to you. Mattie knew all too well the true meaning of home, her life was her daughter, then one summer day it all came crumbling down, leaving her homeless in her own home. Alone and struggling to find herself and a life. Ryan had everything you could want in life, yet he wasn’t happy. Everything around him was as expected, the perfect life, except he was just playing the part. The handsome guy with the perfect girls, always ready for the night on the town. Until the day he met Mattie and found that helping someone could change everything. When the struggles of Mattie’s world bring back the pain held secret in Ryan, everything changes. One chance for a home... One Chance for love... One chance to risk it all and get everything or nothing in return.

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You just never know do you...

You can be going along minding your own business, good or bad, and then out of the blue something happens, it creates a shift in the path of your day, your life, everything you had planned and expected. When it happens you have a choice do you go with it or do you fight the change? Do you question? When tall, handsome, and well not anyone you would expect lands on your doorstep... You open the door and... Do you let him in or slam the door? The choice was hers in this book, and oh the decision she made.

Carly  OShea

Working Title: Unconditionally Loved and Lost

This Book Is In Development

Unconditionally Loved and Lost

Literature & Fiction

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We have to move on

Sometimes its all we can do, just move on. Here we see Viv doing just that. Getting up and moving on.. Making a choice that we can all relate to.

Carly  OShea

Working Title: Taming the Beast

This Book Is In Development

Taming the Beast


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Rough... And so naughty

This is where it all begins, meeting the tough all-or-nothing Garrett. From here he has never left my mind, and I hope yours soon. The question is, if that rough exterior and attitude, is really him or is it hiding something even more attractive than the perfectly yummy man that he is. I guess you will have to wait and see...

Masquerade of Submission


Caitlin was familiar with broken hearts; hers had been shattered years before. Unvoiced desires filled her, fear of rejection her constant companion, holding her back from the love she so desperately wanted. Gavin’s work was the solace filling the empty void in his heart. Everyone in his life had found that one person that filled their hearts and lives with love. Everyone but him. As each day ticked by, he became more certain that his deep dark desires would remain unfulfilled, and his life spent alone. Two Masques… One Chance…. Will they take it… or let forever slip through their hands….

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A man knows what he wants.

Gavin knew, he always had known. And when he met Caitlin it was not a question of who or how, it was when. But getting her to see that... Well, that was going to be much tougher. The next book in the series is releasing soon! This title is free on amazon right now! Read it now so your ready for the next book!

The start of something real

Sometimes it's the little things. Sometimes it's not the big moves, it's the barely noticeable ones. The bat of the eye, the acceptance of a handshake. But when you feel that shift, that moment, you make your own. Caitlin was doing just that. She felt it, and she was letting him know in her own way... she was ready....

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