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Barbara L. B. Storey is a writer, photographer, and digital artist. She loves to write, to read, to travel, and is also crazy about baseball. She was born and now lives in Canada, but is a former resident of New York City and misses it very much. She has lived several different, interesting lives in both North America and Europe, but through them all, one thing has remained true: creating is essential. Writing or art - as long as she is making something and telling a story, she is happy.


Fate Cuts Both Ways


A set designer and a movie star are stranded together in the wilderness after filming. Upon realizing that no one is coming for them - her car won't start and he told everyone not to bother him - they decide to rough it out together.In an unlikely twist of fate, the little moments of smiles, flirting, openness and comfort begin to build into something more. The stranded weekend turns into a romantic fantasy.As all fantasies do, however, it comes to an end. Jon Jacobs is a movie star, after all, and Becca is just, well, Becca. When they return to the real world, friends and family begin to doubt the longevity of the so-called fling.How could these two people, who are so different and from different places, be this into each other after such a short period of time? Who is using who here?In the midst of these doubts, something happens that could bring them together forever. But will it last? Will fate allow it?

Book Bubbles from Fate Cuts Both Ways

Best Friends Forever

They're the most precious thing in your life, but there are times when they're a definite pain. Like when they are annoyed with you for being "excessively" in love. . . .

Meet the Parents

Starting a new relationship with someone is exciting, full of emotion and surprises and hope. Meeting your new partner's parents is often . . . quite a different thing. Not exciting so much as terrifying, and the hope is a very different emotion in this meeting for my main character, Becca. Will she pass Jon's mothers scrutiny?

Best Friends

Best friends are a treasure, a gift, a necessity of life. But sometimes they are also a nosy pain in the neck.

What if . . .

What if you had a weekend that changed your life so much, your own best friend barely recognizes you . . . and it's a good thing?

Rain, Rain

Sometimes weather is dangerous, sometimes an annoyance, sometimes welcome. In the case of my main characters, Becca and Jon, a torrential rain pushes them together in an improbable situation neither of them were prepared to handle. Making the best of being stranded, in the middle of a storm, will bring surprising consequences into their lives.

A Writer's Work

Writing love scenes is hard work - they may be ABOUT breathless passion that sweeps the characters off their feet, but it's no picnic to write them! Does it sound real, authentic? How do you describe intimate encounters without sounding . . . clinical? How much is too much? Is the reader going to truly believe that these two people and their passion is real? It IS satisfying when the feedback you get from readers lets you know you got it right. But as the saying goes, easy reading is damn hard writing (Nathaniel Hawthorne and several others).


How long does it take to become comfortable with someone new? Depends on the person, the circumstances, and how willing you are to let the unexpected run its course. . . .


From Chapter 2 of my first novel, "Fate Cuts Both Ways": Becca and Jon, two strangers, find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that won't start and mobile phones that don't work. With no immediate ideas of how to get home, the first reaction is panic. But after a night's sleep in the nonfunctioning car, they wake up determined to make the best of the situation - even if they disagree on what's the right way to do that. "Getting to know you. . . ." is the theme of their first full day together.

Beginning Again


HIM: She'd left him, with no explanation - and Andrew just couldn't accept that. He had to find out why. More importantly, he needed to win her back. His life just wasn't the same without her. HER: Beckett felt guilty that she'd just ghosted herself out of Andrew's life - and it wasn't even anything he'd done. She felt guilty for not telling him why. And when he walked through the door of "their" pub, she hoped it meant there'd be a second chance, even if she wasn't sure she deserved it.

Book Bubbles from Beginning Again

Defences Up

Sometimes, even when you're in love, the past can cast an ugly shadow on someone who doesn't deserve it. Someone who deserves to be trusted.

Honesty is Always the Best Policy

It seems to me that the one reason any kind of relationship fails is that the people involved are not honest with each other. The more you hide, the less likely you're able to repair the emotional damage. Thank goodness Andrew decided he wanted answers, and didn't give up.

Complicated Emotions

Andrew and Beckett are finally face to face, with the question of "Why?" hanging over them, demanding an explanation. But will the answer be enough to heal their love?

Starting Over

In this story, the two main characters had broken up, for reasons both of them now regret. They've talked, and decided it's time to start over, in earnest, and find what they once had - never letting it go this time.

How not to pick someone up in a bar

Both characters in this story are missing each other, but haven't been able to admit it, so far. One of Beckett's friends thinks he can cheer her up by coming on to her - he could not have been more wrong.

Starting over

This story is about two people who were in love, broke up, and neither of them really understand why. Starting over is awkward, jerky, uncomfortable - but sometimes necessary. In this scene I wanted to convey that sort of awkwardness between two people who really do belong together, but aren't sure how to start again.

Tough Decisions

The two main characters - Andrew and Beckett - meet for the first time since their breakup. Andrew knows he's taking a chance, she could reject him, but he has to do it, has to know. He sees she is wary of him, but he has no idea why, and he needs answers. And she finally agrees to give them.

Love Almost Lost

Andrew is on a mission. Beckett, the love of his life and the woman he'd dreamed of finding, disappeared when he mentioned commitment, and he has no idea why. But he's determined to find out her side of the story, and her reasons for leaving. And if possible, to win her trust again.

Perfect Need - Seven Tales of Love and Passion


Rumi knew everything about love. To me, this quote is the perfect description of how I write and how I fall in love. It's a mystery, a thrill, an adventure - every time. My stories are explorations of what love and passion can become, how they can affect two people for a moment, or for a lifetime. When they close their eyes, literally or not; when they tumble into a love they never expected; when they decide it's worth the risk to stay . . . or not.

Book Bubbles from Perfect Need - Seven Tales of Love and Passion

The Blues

What does "having the blues" mean to you, and is it always a bad thing? These lovers have a difference of opinion.

Unexpected Behavior

I wrote this little side story (it belongs to the world of my first novel, "Fate Cuts Both Ways") to explore what might happen when someone you think you know very well acts in a way that is very unlike them - and it turns out even better than you can imagine. It's a good idea to surprise the people in your life now and then - keeps everyone from getting complacent, whether in a love scene, like this story, or any setting.

Seduction by Food

In this short story, I used the sensual pleasure of gourmet dining as a companion for the sensual joy of flirtation and seduction. The title is "Dolce" - Buon Appetito! ;)

Getting Away From It All

Sometimes you just have to leave the everyday behind, and do something different. For clarity, for peace of mind, for being yourself in a place where there is no judgement.

Desire and Tension

In this story, a woman goes to a rock concert with her mind more on the performer than her date. She fantasizes about Cyrus Michaels - a LOT - and suddenly can't stand the tension her desire has created within her. She steps out into an alley behind the venue to get some air . . . and discovers the subject of her fantasies is out there, too. They size each other up, and she realizes that sometimes fantasies CAN become real.

A Star, A Stone

Two people who should not be together, but who can't resist falling in love. Even when they know the kind of pain giving in to their feelings will bring.


This little daydream was inspired by a photo - a beautiful man, face lifted up and eyes closed, sun shining fully on his face. From that, I just imagined what I would do if were beside him, in love with the man captured in that sunbeam.

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