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Andrew Man worked as a banker for over thirty years, before turning his hand to fiction. Born in Devon, he went to school in Nottingham and joined the navy as an apprentice at the age of sixteen. His writing developed after he retired through visits to the CERN centre in Switzerland, which also forms a basis for some of his stories. To write his books, he has moved through places where he worked in the past, from London, Lebanon, to Geneva and the Caribbean. The Man Who Played with Time is an edited version of the complete trilogy last published in 2015.


Tego Arcana Dei

Science Fiction & Fantasy

While investigating the death of an American in the Caribbean, a young British banker discovers the works of a medieval painter and a monument in England. Drawn into a web of spiritual intrigue, he and his Indian guardian race against powerful agencies to find an ancient relic required to resurrect a Black Madonna doll.

Book Bubbles from Tego Arcana Dei

Chapter 10 - English Harbour

James is questioned about his motives on the Island of Antigua, but moves quickly into town to meet with his Guardian.

Chapter 9 - US Navy Base

James and 'Gina' are invited to the Navy Base on Antigua (W.I) The meeting raises more questions than answers and James leaves more confused.

Chapter 8 - Dead Bird

James is taken to the Airport by his old friend Gina who now appears to have contacts at a higher level. He is fast going down the rabbit hole, but to where?

Chapter 7 - Sunny climes

James is invited by his bank in Switzerland to investigate dangerous problems on the island of Antigua (W.I.) He meets an attractive agent from his past, who helps him with his research in more ways than he expected!

Chapter 6 - Escape

James meets his match with Jessica at a tube station outside London. After all the noise and damage dies down, he finds himself trapped and once again his mysterious guardian helps him escape.

Chapter 5 - The girl on the train

Up until this chapter, the story has been a fiction novel of the hero's early life. He has had a couple of strange encounters, with his Indian Guardian and some romance as he travelled around the world. This chapter finishes with an unexplained Sci-Fi ending.

Chapter 4 London 1983

After a long day at the bank, James meets an attractive American tourist on a train. She will show him things that will change his life and introduce him to ordinary people who know how to move through time and space. His training in this field is about to start.

Chapter 3 England 1983

The story moves on twenty years later to1983 and James is back in England. He visits one of the more desolate parts of Dartmoor to attend to his mothers last wishes where he has a surprise encounter. An Indian man who not only knew his mother but explains he will only see him when he is in trouble or needs help. When the gates of time close, the man disappears.

Chapter 2

A day ashore in Cape Town for James and Janet, the start of paranormal experiences. As an Officer and a gentleman, he wanted to show his belle the sights of the Cape, but Janet had been here before, in fact a very long time ago. In this scene we see the confident hero having to give up his place to a young women who he had only meet a month before. What she has to show him is the begining of his search for the unknown secrets.

Chapter 1 - 'Arcadia'

The story starts back in the 60's, in the days when passenger liners took migrants to Australia. James is a junior officer on the s.s 'Arcadia' and meets a young female officer who shares his interest in classical history and artistic imagination. They search the onboard library and find a book with a copy of Poussin's painting of the Arcadian shepherds. Then they find another monument in England, with the same wording in Latin that confuses James. Janet explains that Tego arcana Dei translates as 'I keep God's secrets' and both feel the same attraction of romance.

Flash forward to 2006

The Pilot teaser to Part 1 - "Keeping God's Secret." This makes the reader realise that James the hero can move through time. 'The Man who Played with Time' is the complete trilogy of the Tego Arcana Dei Series.

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