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Kathryn   Heart
Warrior of Light

Warrior of Light

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Deep in the Valley of Enok, through the Wylds of Daniel, lies Souls Keep. Large, Elaborate, easy to miss.
Animals, can't find it, and neither can humans. Only the Chosen know its location.

A homing device for the lost wandering the Darkness. Souls in need of a guardian to lead them, a warrior to protect them. It shines like a beacon to the Warrior of Light.

That's where I come in. My mission: Battle the Darkness surrounding the soul in my charge and bring it home. Trained by Mikael, Blessed by the Almighty, thus my quest begins.

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Whispered words, though faint to the world, were like booming thunder in my ears... I am so excited about this story. It has been quite interesting watching it unfold as I write it.

Mated Souls


Elizabeth’s descent into madness has her hunting more than her sanity. Her heart has been shattered, her world no longer what she knew. Life demands to keep going, she just wants it to stop. She retreats to the wilderness, but what she finds is more than she can bear. Lost to confusion and chaos, her day-to-day becomes a blur. Whispered voices tug at her heartstrings. One from her past, one from her present, both speaking of her future. Two alphas, two paths, one decision. Death had come to her before, dark, silent, seeking a soul clinging to life. It had been someone she loved. This time it’s coming for her. The afterlife looking to add to its ranks, Lizzy is hunted and found. She is the key. Hunter or Prey? Choose Wisely.

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The Other...Hunter

Ooooh! What is this? Has Lizzy met her match? She was caught in the act and now the battle begins. Fight Scenes! My favorite thing to write. Note: I inserted "He" as to not give away part of the story. Who "He" is, is the biggest mystery of the entire story. Can you figure it out before Lizzy?

Hunter and Prey

The hunter is watching the prey, but who's stalking the hunter? Oh yes, there is so much going on in this chapter. I LOVED writing this chapter...and so many others. So many twist and turns. You never know what's coming.

What Happened?

Chaos and confusion are so much fun to write, but, not so much fun to live through. Talk about some major confusion. She is full on freaking out, but wouldn't you? If you woke up, covered in nature, with no memory of what happened. Hunter, Hunted, Prey. Choose Wisely.

Whiskey Dawn

Whiskey Dawn

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

We used to worry about things like low internet, long wait times, and political views. How I miss those times. We were spoiled and ungrateful. The good ole days when we could bicker about anything and everything. The fear of zombies and climate change had us distracted from what was heading our way. The signs were there, but we never saw them. There was always talk of another civil war, yet no one believed it. This…This was worse. At least with war, there was eventually a winner. A side to cling to once it was over. There is no winner, only losers. No side to take charge and put things one way or another. Now, all that remained was us. The ones left behind, trying to survive.

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The day the world caught fire.

Just wait until you read what happened. Chaos and destruction came with a vengeance. I love "end of days" stories because there is so much anticipation and uncertainty. This story will be no different. Just when you think you know, you won't. I shall keep you guessing the entire way. So, if you're up for a crazy ride, this book is for you.

No Hope

Welcome to the land of destruction! This has been such a fun book to write. Whiskey has become one of my favorite characters. There is so much that happens in this story. You can expect a lot of action and surprises. As a reader myself, I prefer tons of action in my story. As a writer, I try to make sure I have a lot of it. If you want to know more, or connect with me, just click on the "website" button on the author page. Enjoy!

Kathryn Heart

Kathryn Heart


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