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Lose the Cape 4: The Mom's Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged (& How to Raise Tiny Activists)

Book Bubbles from Lose the Cape 4: The Mom's Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged (& How to Raise Tiny Activists)

Lose the Cape

Parenting & Relationships

This mothering gig is serious stuff. There’s no handbook on how to deal with your kid, yet many moms feel pressured to be “supermom.” Sure, there are parenting books and websites and Pinterest, but it’s overwhelming. There’s so much to do, and despite our best efforts, we likely feel guilty for not doing more, doing better, doing it all. This book is an attempt to reach out to all moms and let you know you’re already super. You don’t need the “cape,” really. Still, who couldn’t use a little help? Lose the Cape features resources galore – including suggestions and tips from a diverse group of moms to make life run smoother. Organization, meal planning, morning and evening routines, battling new mommy worries, and so forth are all tackled in one place to provide a handbook for any mom looking for some relief. We’re not experts. We’re like every other mom – trying to survive and show our kids some love. But, we’ve learned along the way to cut a few corners, to learn some systems to gain control of the chaos, to form support groups to lift us up, to find a way that works for our families and ourselves. We try to be super every day, but we don’t aspire to be “supermom” because she simply does not exist. We think it’s time for all moms to join together and Lose the Cape.

Book Bubbles from Lose the Cape

Will the laundry ever end? Or the dishes? Or the..

One of the things I never realized before becoming a mom was just HOW MUCH LAUNDRY and CLEANING there would need to be done. Every day! And how it piles up! Nor did I realize how frequently my children would dump the folded laundry, or empty their clean clothes from their drawers to the floors! In this chapter, Kerry and I tackled some of the most common frustrations of motherhood that have to do with housework and chores. We conducted interviews, research, and solicited input from other moms to put together some great tips for staying on top of the never ending laundry mountain!

Lose the Cape 4: The Mom's Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged

Parenting & Relationships

Have you ever felt a stirring inside of you that you want to do more and be part of the bigger picture conversation? Do you feel like you want to be a part of the process for change? Are you advocating for something for your children, spouse, family, school, yourself? Are you overwhelmed by all of it and have NO idea where to start? Do you wish that more people would talk about the things that matter in life and spend less time shaming and judging and all that crap? The 4th Lose the Cape book is for YOU. It's a compilation of stories from moms who want to be more involved, who want to set the example for their children and get them involved as well...from hosting small events to make food for the homeless to launching a magazine to bring awareness to a topic, to grassroots rallies and organizations, this book is full of women who want to make a difference and show their kids why it's important to be involved and SHOW UP. If you want to learn how other mothers are getting involved, showing up, advocating for their children, and becoming activists when needed, grab your copy today!

Book Bubbles from Lose the Cape 4: The Mom's Guide to Becoming Socially & Politically Engaged

How to get involved in local causes

Our book is divided into three distinct sections to help moms who want to be more socially and politically engaged and who want to raise kids who also know how to get involved, stand up for the causes they believe in, and be a part of the change. This is just a clip of the intro to part two of the book, which is all about how to get involved. This is the part that seems to scare busy moms - they feel overwhelmed, or like they don't have time to make a difference. In this section of the book we show you how you can be involved and how it can be on your own terms.

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